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Enterprise Content Management

Proper management of content is necessary for the efficient functioning of an organization. Enterprise Content Management is basically the strategies and tools used to organize, store, capture and deliver documents and information involved in the business procedures and deliver the content in the best possible way.

It allows your employees to create, capture, preserve as well as dispose any business related digitized data. This information may include images, document, workflow, business, web content, records, digital asset, team collaboration, portals etc.

Major difficulties or handicaps that might be faced by you:                                                 

  • Getting the right information at the right time
  • Waste of time and resources in searching for data
  • Making sense out of the vast information available on the internet and intranet portals


Our effective ECM services help you overcome these difficulties. Our main aim is to provide you with the right information and increase your productivity. Our services will also help you in customer service, regulatory compliance and competition and also assist you in reducing operational expenses. Our solutions also include assessment of requirements, training, deployment and technical and maintenance support.

Our services can be categorized into:

Document management facilities:

  • ECM consultancy and management
  • Providing versions, migration and deployment of content
  • Searching and recovering important information


Co-operation facilities:

  • Providing co-action facilities so that people from different location can work together
  • Administrative management such as scheduling appointments
  • Managing metadata structure and classifying documents
  • Providing workflow designs so that two or more people can work on a process or document


Managing web content:

  • ERP, SCM, CRM integration
  • Upgrading portals with new features
  • Creating and supporting portals
  • Editorial facilities before publishing data
  • Publishing data
  • Restricting access to non-public data
  • Providing content in different formats
  • Tuning and optimizing portal performance


Managing records:

  • Indexing and filing systems
  • Securing confidential data


Our other services include:

  • User friendly interface layout
  • Customized design and integration with the major search engines
  • Technical and functional support


How Can You Benefit?

  • You will get different versions and secure the data that is to be used by your employees
  • You will get easy access to online non-electronic data
  • You will get your content published in print , web and other mediums


Our Enterprise Content Management services will surely let you optimize the value of information at economic rates.

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