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Document Management

Every business generates volumes of information that can stimulate productivity and improve relations with employees, partners and consumers significantly. But unfortunately, in most cases,document managementis not properly done. Instead, the vital mass of information lies disorganized and scattered in documents, images, emails, audio, video, reports, web content etc. or, worse, is stacked with paper files.

Finding out important information from such pile of data is nothing less than a challenge which can cost your company a lot. Have you ever thought how much smoother your business operation could have been if all the information had been organized properly and were available in one single click of the mouse? If not, it's high time you do.

The good news is that you do not need to search much as we are here to organize and integrate the informational mess of your company. Our comprehensive Enterprise Document Management (EDM) services can enable you to access all information without any hassle. We ensure that the entire document life cycle is efficiently managed and securely stored from the time of its creation, during its utility and finally until its disposition.

Certain important features of our EDM services are:

  • Sharing documents
  • Full search of text
  • Storage security
  • Collaborating documents
  • Online backup of data
  • Version control
  • Permissions
  • Web folders

How Do We Work?

We analyze the functional and non-functional requirements of your organization. We create models of the workflow and business project plans. We then recommend design and architecture which involve interaction between the present and future users. Next comes structuring which involves customizing ECM systems and the workflow defined in the earlier stage, and then acceptance testing is carried out. The final stage involves deployment during which the finalized product is implemented on the customer's website.

Our document management services include:

  • Efficient digital storage for any kind of data
  • Web enabled e-document search and recovery
  • Easy access of information by business applications
  • Better functionality of the current system of business
  • Automated business proceedings using specific e-documents

Our document management services will let you effectively organize important documents, restrict access to confidential documents, recover critical content, improve client service and decrease business risk due to better management of documents.

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