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Microsoft SharePoint is essentially a collaborative tool used for the purpose of managing unstructured data in an organization comprising of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails and other information required in its daily external and internal communications. It facilitates a powerful environment for effective collaboration and seamless communication between teams, partners and business units. However, you can be faced with several challenges in trying to implement this software effectively in your organization. We can lend our unique mix of talent, methodologies and experience through our SharePoint solutions so that you can save both time and resources and accelerate ROI significantly.

The three key benefits of Microsoft SharePoint are:

Enhanced agility and speed: Information can be shared more easily and quickly by organizations, teams, customers and partners for greater efficiency. Its knowledge-management capacities and collaboration workspaces facilitate distribution and production processes.

Increased productivity: It is equipped with several helpful features such as document check-in & checkout functions and collaborative, centralized workspaces that help employees in tracking document versions, teaming up on key projects and tracking deliverables and tasks. These increase productivity and ensure on-time completion of projects.

Efficient collaboration: Ideas can be shared with greater efficiency as a result of effective integration with calendars, e-mails, blogs, tasks etc.

Some of the key features of our Microsoft SharePoint solutions include:

Web Content Management: We are adept at building a flexible and robust Web Content Management platform by making skillful use of the presentation framework and core content management capabilities of SharePoint. This can help simplify the process of content management remarkably especially with the utilization of SharePoint's retention policies, automatic content sorting and document types.

Efficient Information Architecture Design:  We apply proven methodology to design and implement an information architecture that permits quick searching of information across the company.

Intricate Workflow Implementation: We have extensive expertise in complex workflow development so that multi-step intricate business processes can be enabled with ease.

Business Intelligence: Business information is perfectly aligned with company structures and objectives so that the correct information is accessed by the right people and the best decisions are quickly made. Some of its notable features are familiar spreadsheets, visual data, report center, web parts and dashboards and KPI's.

Web Portals and Sites: Its capabilities include the creation of group and team site, management of projects, document sharing and information publishing for external as well as internal consumption.

Thus, with the help of our Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you can reduce maintenance and IT costs, increase user satisfaction and productivity, streamline business processes and achieve improved business agility.

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