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Helpful Development Resources for iOS Programmers


Whether you are a newbie programmer beginning iPhone app development, or a professional developer looking for tips and tricks on iOS 7 application development, there are enough online resources to get you started. However, finding the right resources takes time and effort. So, we have compiled a list that will help you find ways of solving your app development problems. Here goes… 

# From the Horse's Mouth - Official Apple Resources

If you want to answer to specific development issues, the first place you must check out is Apple's own documentation. There is tons of material in the iOS Dev Center. In my opinion, the following are some of the most useful resources: 

Create Apps for iOS 7


On this page, you will find all the information related to iOS 7, and you will find links to the sections that you are particularly interested in. If you are just starting iOS application development, you may also want to check out Apple's notes about creating your first iOS app. 

Objective C Guide 

Objective C is the programming language that powers iPhone and iPad apps. Even if you have worked with Objective C before, when you develop iOS apps, you will have to work out how to use it to create mobile apps. This page will give detailed information on how to define classes, work with objects, work with protocols, work with blocks, deal with errors and give you a rundown of Objective C conventions.


Xcode Guide


The Xcode IDE makes the task of build iOS apps simpler. This Apple guide will show you how to write source code in the source editor, how to build a user interface, how to add images, icons and other effects to your app, how to run, debug and test your app, and lots more. 

# Popular Programmer Blogs

Blogs are one of the best places for getting ideas and answers, when it comes to programming. But, it is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are three reputed blogs that will help you learn more about iOS app programming.  

Matt Gemmel

You will have to get real familiar with Objective C if you are planning to develop iPhone apps for the next few years. Matt Gemmel talks about Objective C and how it should be used to develop apps. It is essential reading for serious Apple developers. 

Ray Wenderlich

This one is, arguably, the most popular blog with hundreds of iOS development tutorials. It is usually the little things that stump developer. More likely than not, on this blog, you will find a blog on the topic that has you befuddled. But Ray Wenderlich doesn't ignore the bigger picture. There are detailed tutorials for every aspect of iPhone app development. 

Jeff LaMarche

Author of the Beginning iOS development series of books, Jeff LaMarche also shares his knowledge on this blog. Here, you will find tons of insightful information and ideas on how to develop app and about the different techniques that can help you increase the efficiency of your operations. 

# Online Developer Forums

One of the easiest ways of getting answers from experts is by asking the question on developer forums. Many expert programmers frequent developer forums and try to help out each other. 

Apple Developer Forums

Developer forum


The developer forums at Apple Support Communities are pretty useful when you want answers to pinpointed development queries. You get answers from fellow developers and Apple engineers. The best part is that only registered developers are allowed on the website - so you won't be spammed with useless answers. 



There is a wealth of information about iPhone app development on StackOverflow. There is a good chance that you will find an answer to your problem just browsing this forum. But, in case you don't, you can always ask a question and the answers will come within a few hours. 



While MacRumours is a popular website for Apple news, it also has a large and active community of iOS developers. Its forum section has answers to many interesting questions, and there is a chance that your question is already answered. 

# Social Media Sites

One of the best ways of getting answers to complex and specific developer problems is talking to other developers. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


This is not the kind of resource that you can link to. As a developer, you can connect with other developers through social media websites, and ask them answers to your specific questions. For someone who has faced and solved the same problem that you are facing, giving the answer will take no more than a few minutes. Networking and building relationship with other developers is one of the most useful methods of finding answers. You can also join iOS programmer groups and forums to stay updated. 

There are hundreds of online resources for iOS developers. The above ten have proved to be most useful to the team of developers that I work with. What's you take on this? What are your favorite online resources for finding answers to development issues? 

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