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CSR Initiatives

The value of CSR is reflected by the three words held within its title;corporate, social, responsibility which denotes the responsibilities of corporates towards the society within which they operate.CSR involves businesses identifying the needs to contribute towards the well-being of society and make it as a better place to live in.

With this belief in mind, Cygnet since its inception has been fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. Cygnet has conducted and supported various initiatives as a part of its corporate social responsibility. Here are the highlights of the social responsibilities that Cygnet has been performing.

Annual Blood Donation

Cygnet in association with Prathama Blood Center organizes Blood donation camp every year with an aim to save lives of people. Employees at Cygnet every year take part in this noble cause and donate their blood to save people's lives.

Birthday Contributions

Cygnet gives a small cash amount to all employees on their birthdays. As a part of CSR, Cygnet also gives an option to employees to donate this gift to a Dialysis center. In this manner, Cygnet tries to involve all its employees in its CSR activities.

Green IT

To conserve energy and increase productivity while reducing carbon footprint, Cygnet promotes Green IT by limiting paper usage and electricity wastage.

With these and more coming down the line, we aim to make corporate social responsibility, a strategic part of our process and organizational values.

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