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"able to deliver a complex & innovative product with cygnet"

Alberto Dreossi,Ahun SRL

"Cygnet Infotech has done a great job implementing mobile apps for us!"

Jerry S., U.S.

Our clients include Fortune 50 companies that are very demanding. The Cygnet team has created Android and Windows 8 mobile apps that have delighted thousands of customers from coast to coast across the USA! They have quickly developed innovative solutions that perform great on all generations of mobile technology - even the latest models from the major OEMs!

"IT Product company"

Marketing Director, USA

The site looks awesome mate!

Well done! Look forward to seeing if you can do this well on the remaining sites

"project milestone achieved, thanks to cygnet"

Mike Wells, Cloud Amber

I am extremely thankful to Cygnet for being a highly supportive vendor. We have been working with them for over 2 years now for maintenance and upgrade of our traffic management solution. The project leader has shown tremendous commitment and the team has backed him superbly by putting in extremely long hours. This has helped us achieve our planned milestone on this project without any major hitch. I am full of appreciation for their work.

"first tested, then tried, now committed to Cygnet"

first tested

We started cautiously with Cygnet using a part time resource and soon moved to several full time resources. Their services are par excellence. They helped us deliver before time and it saved us millions by outsourcing it to them.

"project well managed"

Cygnet consultants are competent and well-organized. The few identified corrective actions were immediately implemented. The build-up is facilitated by the fact that we bill Cygnet work on time and assume the costs of inter-contract. We have moved gradually from a part-time person, several people full time. Every Euro invested corresponds to a concrete result. Finally, Cygnet has always responded quickly and effectively to all our requests.

"complexity well handled satisfying all requirements"

Harold Eberle Toronto, CANADA

In our quest for a Company that could handle the complexity of our IT needs, we have found that Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has met that challenge. Your "Team" of courteous and trained Technicians has interpreted each step of my Company's vision in an analytical and methodical manner. Communication has been foremost, and your willingness to comply to our needs can only be complimented. I believe we have set the foundation of a business relationship where we will grow and prosper together and I look forward to meeting you and the "Team".

"highly impressed with project management"

Andrew Wolpe, USA

We have been working with Cygnet for the past 5 years. It has always been a positive relationship with both teams benefiting greatly from the experience and insights of the other. The Cygnet team does not see obstacles to reaching our requirements and always presents us with viable solutions. They are committed to delivering exceptional customer service with all issues being resolved within the shortest possible time frames. Our projects are large application developments with a never ending cycle of updates and new features being pushed through by us. We are constantly under time constraints. Cygnet has always delivered within the designated timeframe and allocated budget. I would highly recommend them as an outsourcing partner

"ha bisogno di ben soddisfatte"

Dr. Francesco Faleschini, Italy

Cygnet Infotech fornisce un servizio di outsourcing sviluppo software di qualità. Vengono offerti servizi di sviluppo in tutti i principali linguaggi (.Net, Java, Delphi), i team di sviluppo sono inoltre affiancati da esperti in discipline specifiche (System Admin, DB Admin, ...) che vanno ad integrare le competenze dei singoli sviluppatori.
La nostra esperienza (in particolare con il team Delphi) ci ha permesso di venire in contatto con persone di alto livello professionale e umano che abbiamo avuto il piacere di incontrare ed apprezzare di persona.
Lavoriamo con Cygnet Infotech da 8 mesi, settimana per settimana, giorno per giorno. Il team di sviluppo ha gradualmente preso in carico lo sviluppo del nostro software (inizialmente con uno sviluppatore esperto, al quale si sono affiancati per ora 2 sviluppatori junior). La prossima release sarà una pietra miliare nella nostra storia, una vero salto di qualità sotto tutti gli aspetti.
A mio avviso il vero punto di forza di Cygnet Infotech è la capacità da parte di manager e sviluppatori di capire e fare proprie le nostre esigenze.
In poche parole quindi siamo davvero soddisfatti del lavoro che stiamo svolgendo con Cygnet Infotech e siamo sicuri che il rapporto continuerà a lungo negli anni.

"d'une personne à temps partiel, à plusieurs personnes à plein temps"

Christophe Dufourmantelle, Novalys - France

Comme beaucoup d'éditeurs de logiciels européens, nous devons faire face à une concurrence internationale, abaisser nos couts de production, sans dégrader la qualité de nos produits. C'est dans cette optique que nous avons débuté notre collaboration avec Cygnet-Infotech.

"Terrific work - disciplined on methodology and deliverable timelines!"

Sushee Perumal, CEO MaxSold

We have been using Cygnet’s development services since 2010. We are extremely satisfied with the deliverables received from Cygnet for our web portal and mobile applications.

"IT company"

Vice President of Company, USA

Great content management solutions! Nothing to say here, you’re awesome :)

Your developers are magicians for our project.

"committed to Cygnet standards"

James, Australia

One of my biggest fears with outsourcing work to India was the issue of quality. Cygnet shines in this area and are constantly improving their processes giving me the peace of mind that our work will be done to the standards that we expect.

"impressed with ethical approach and expertise of Cygnet"

Philip Smith Australia

During 2006 we started a software development project in Australia. We had designed a very complex application and used a local software development company to do the development work. During January 2007 we became concerned that the local developer appeared to have ongoing problems in stabilizing the system and in meeting delivery dates. At that time we started researching alternative developers in Australia and other parts of the world. By April 2007 we concluded that the local developer was unlikely to complete the project successfully and an even greater concern was the inevitable ongoing changes that would, in our opinion, create future problems. We researched seven offshore developers and did reference checks on all of them. From this research we selected Cygnet in India and arranged to meet with them at their offices in India. We were very well received and looked after and their technical staff appeared experienced and with a good command of the English language. After reviewing the source code for the development as it stood then, we concluded that it would be better to scrap the entire project and start from scratch again. As must be expected when establishing a new team, we had the odd hiccup and some misunderstandings during the course of this project. From a pure business perspective the most important attribute that I have to praise, is the fact that when Cygnet management gives you their word on something, they keep their word, whatever that might entail. We have found their technical staff skills to be of a high standard and they have been extremely cooperative during the development cycle. I would highly recommend Cygnet in terms of their technical skill and their ethical approach to contracts and agreements.

"tried many, happy with us"

After getting our hands burned with a local developer who was unlikely to complete the project successfully and cater to inevitable ongoing changes we researched seven offshore developers and zeroed on Cygnet Infotech after checking references and their technical expertise. We are happy we were right.

"When our services were appreciated by my clients customers… "

I am taking this moment to send my thanks and appreciation for all the attention you have given me and our Clients...your hard work and committed hours have made a big difference in everything that is being done. The Clients have all noticed a considerable improvement in our service and attitude. And, your support has truly helped me focus on the priority of growing our business while pursuing new opportunities with sincere confidence. Keep up the great work...many incredible things to come!

"Delivering custom solution, happy with Cygnet"

Colin Hatcher, Australia

Cygnet-Infotech has been working for us over the past 2 years in developing a full front office booking system for the Tourism industry, Our system is very successful due to the programming that Cygnet-Infotech has done for us.