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Audio Conferencing Tool in .Net with Integrated Payment Gateway

Developed a web-based Audio Conferencing Management tool for Parishioners and Pastors utiizing .NET technology.


When the client's father could not attend Sunday service due to ill health the client thought of bringing the service to him. Henceforth he extended the concept so that the parishioner could avail the services of pastor through FOC platform developed in .Net, bringing the pastor close to the parishioner when travelling or sick.

Cygnet Infotech became an easy choice for client because of Cygnet Infotech's past experience in designing Toll Free Number systems

The key drivers comprised of:

  • To provide a facility for pastors, churches to register themselves and post their sermon schedule information.
  • To allow parishioners/worshipers to search for pastors/ church and register to access schedule information and teleconferencing details.
  • Maintain the usage report for both pastors and parishioners.
  • Maintain the charges to be paid by the parishioners and pastors.


Cygnet Infotech had an opportunity to provide a common platform for parishioners and pastors to share the sermons using teleconferencing. Some of the features implemented in the system comprised of:

Other key features offered by the solution were:

  • Unique PIN number identification for pastors and parishioners that facilitated easy identification and ease of record maintenance.
  • Enterprise search facility for parishioners to search pastors.
  • Teleconferencing facility and automatic tracking of the time spent in hearing the sermon.
  • Automatic fee deduction from parishioner account using Credit Card. The details are saved using Authorize.Net
  • Usage and Fee reports based on real time data that could be exported in excel or csv formats.


Solution implementation provided following benefits

  • The system manages client records, resource utilization, billing and reminders.
  • The system becomes an easy source for the parishioners to attend the sermons from the comfort of their homes.
  • Secure and renowned third party tool i.e. was used to deduct the fees as per usage and store credit card information.
  • Comprehensive usage reports helping pastors and parishioners to track their usage and the paid charges.


  • Technology 3.5, SQL Server 2005, with CIM Feature

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