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    29 2017

    ISV Guide to Right Technology Partner- Selection Criteria Checklist

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    ISV Guide to Right Technology Partner- Selection Criteria Checklist

    A simple Google search may dish out a vast list of potential technology partners, however stakes are high for an ISV. They must consider a lot of things and evaluate criteria to select the right partner and seize the opportunity to stay ahead.

    A lot of startup ISVs have great ideas on how they can solve market needs and where they see their product going but they lack the technology expertise or resources. Similarly, an SMB ISV or a serial product innovator may have an application but is faced with a challenge on how to access new markets and new buyers to drive revenue while an enterprise ISV may be looking for ways to meet new challenges in the market such as IoT or AI. In each of these scenarios, finding the right technology partner can make all the difference.

    Choosing the ISV Growth Partner & Enabler

    In the dynamic technology landscape, deliverables from an ISV technology partner changes with each ISV, depending on their growth curve, whether a start-up, a serial ISV company or an enterprise ISV.

    A technology partner provides different levels of support to an ISV as it moves through the product application development life cycle. The spectrum includes ideation, technology support, marketing support, service and maintenance to save time, extend reach and reduce risks.

    Startup ISVs in particular lack resources and technology know-how to take their idea forward and therefore need a partner who will invest in them and stay with them as they grow. Similarly, for SMB and enterprise ISVs, they need a partner with experience and industry vertical depth, whom they can outsource the task of prototyping, choosing the platform, hardware, SaaS enablement and getting the product faster-to-market, while they themselves focus on its core task and application.

    Checklist for ISVs to Find a Great Partner?

    The selection of a technology partner may vary for each type of ISV or project. The objective may range from leveraging service capability such as product engineering life cycle or seeking access to new markets to investing in joint go-to market, product integration skills and resources. We highlight both the general selection criteria as also those based on growth cycle of the ISV to evaluate their prospective technology partner. 

    General Selection Criteria for Technology Partner

    Industry and Vertical Depth

    Does the technology partner/Offshore Product Development partner (OPD) possess vertical depth and technology expertise in developing software applications for ISV’s product area? How many products have they developed across the entire PDLC or through different stages of PDLC? Does it have a proven track record through wide breadth of projects and a client list including reputable customers? How do they ensure securing IP and avoiding a breach of confidentiality?  A good technology partner not only stays ahead of the learning curve in terms of latest technologies but also proactively allocates resources during each stage of product engineering life cycle so they can leverage the experience and resources to help ISV stay competitive.

    Trusted Service and Maintenance Support:

    What we are talking about goes beyond the usual service maintenance; it is something which only a true technology partner who follows the mantra ‘We will stand by you come what may’ offers. They stick with you through thick and thin, stretch themselves and go the extra mile to go beyond the call of duty and achieve success. Cygnet, with a client retention rate of 95%, has a formidable reputation for its trusted service and maintenance support that ISVs can count on anytime and anywhere.

    It is therefore at the outset best to ensure that your prospective technology partner has a reputation for service and maintenance. It should also offer a large network of service support that you can turn to when you need it.

    Quality Certified Resources

    Does the technology partner offer a qualified, certified team and invests in regular training and certification of their resources so they stay ahead of the learning curve? What’s their headcount and can they scale resources and infrastructure on demand? Does the partner offer sufficient leverage in extending the reach of products and services to new industries and geographies?

    Selection Criteria Based on ISV’s Growth Cycle

    An ISV, whether a startup or enterprise considers different set of factors when selecting an OPD Therefore, here is a quick rundown of the criteria for evaluation of a technology partner by ISVs at different level of the growth curve:

    Selection Criteria for Startup ISV:

    Startup ISVs lay emphasis on response time, reliability and flexibility and therefore need a technology partner that helps them deliver faster demo-cycles, ensures faster releases and iterative development. Since startup ISVs are more about experimenting innovative ideas within the constraints of technology and resources, they prefer a technology partner with good product managers or lead analysts who can write the requirements and deliver speedy GTM.

    Selection Criteria for Enterprise ISV:

    An enterprise ISV prefers a technology partner that has an established and structured product engineering life cycle process, has a large team of engineers/developers and is driven by agile development methodologies, DevOps with continuous integration for better reporting. Moreover, enterprise ISVs already have an established market and a strong product portfolio, thus they require an OPD for greater value addition in terms of product processes, faster-time-to market, and innovation in-order to grab greater market share.

    Cygnet – Your Trusted ISV Partner For Next Level Of Growth

    Cygnet with its motto ‘IT is about you’ delivers proactive engagement for ISVs, from start-ups to enterprise ISVs. As the trusted end-to-end software product development partner, Cygnet’s product engineering services continue to help ISVs maximize product potential, achieve faster Go-to-market with .NET and Java Application Development Services and best-in-class support and maintenance services.

About Cygnet

Our motto ‘IT is About You’ is more than just a tag line – it is the very heart of Cygnet. We always ensure the continued success of our clients and employees by placing problem solving ahead of anything else and walking the extra mile when needed.