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Data Analysis

Data analysis service forms one of the core components of business analysis. Be it a new venture or a new project or an ongoing business, it is invariable to keep a continuous track of your numbers as well as the market scenario and consumer data. Besides having a pool of relevant data, it is an art in itself to analyze and utilize the data we have gathered in the most propitious manner.

Some of the common challenges faced by companies while gathering and handling data are:

  • Finding out data that is relevant and reliable
  • Finding the correct target audience and the required amount of the same
  • Lack of expertise and vehicles  to organize the setup and  handle qualitative data
  • Having too much of data without knowledge of utilizing it
  • Time consumption in data collection and the irrelevance of data with the passing time
  • Duplicity of data

Cygnet Infotech expertises in Data Mining and the collection and holds a unique database management system. Once accurate data gathering is carried out, we use the required techniques and perform data analysis so as to serve your purpose. The scopes of Data Analysis are huge and spread across multiple facets depending upon the area of work and the techniques required for different businesses. Based on your nature of work, we design a protocol and perform data assimilation, data cleaning and data analysis to serve you with the following specialties:

  • Market study and competitor analysis
  • Target group stratification according to the desired factor
  • Comparative study
  • Statistical sampling
  • Data cleaning by elimination of fake data, duplicate data and worn out data
  • Identifying the gaps

Cygnet provides data analysis service across functional borders, ranging from internal audits and financial data handling to pricing strategies and customer demographics, personnel data management to security data analysis. Our technical experts are trained across various functions to fulfil your requirements and provide a clear focus for your business. Cygnet's data analysis not only gives you accurate outputs but also saves your time and energy by standing by your side with timely services and meticulously arranged information giving you maximum leverage.

Contact us at to get unmatched data analysis solutions for your requirements.

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