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Gap Analysis

Identifying what needs to be done to meet the expectations is one of the most critical areas of any business, which can define success of a project. And at that point, GAP analysis can be really useful. It is a tool which helps define the gap between the actual and the future situation. At some point of time, every business has to speculate where they are and where they actually want to be, making their goals clear. And GAP analysis identifies that gap very aptly.

GAP analysis is very useful at the beginning of a project, when developing a business case and its tasks are very essential for the success of a project. We, at Cygnet Infotech have a team of expert business analysts who can help you analyze the solutions which are in your mind. However experienced an organization might be, they always need an expert analyst who can assist them analyzing the suggested solutions to check their potential. Before you choose a solution or suggest it to a client, you have to identify the needs to be fulfilled to match the project expectations. Many a times we have seen that the project fails because of its poor analysis. In short, the basic problem for a project manager is - how to make a customized process for the project specifying the needs. To identify the GAP between the existing processes and the processes needed to achieve success for the new project is a challenge for an IT project manager.  

The core areas of our GAP analysis include;

Recognizing the project expectations:

In this area, first we identify the objectives the organization has to achieve. This shows you a clear picture of your future state highlighting the state of a project where you actually want to reach.

Analyzing the current solutions:

This will arise the below questions and make the picture clear of the current situation.

  • Who has the knowledge to reach the expectations?
  • What is the best way to get the project done in a minimal time?
  • What is the current scenario and how you can leverage the organizational asset best?
  • What is the strength of your organization and how best and soonest you can deliver the solutions?
  • What could be the best process to meet the expectations?
  • Filling the GAP between actual and expected

Conducting an effective GAP analysis will help you re-examine the goals of the project and identify, whether you are on the right path or not to accomplish them. We help you analyze the gap between the reality and future, suggesting you the best solutions to fill that gap, harnessing your existing competencies.

Come to us and we will help you analyze what is desired and what is the legacy with which the project has been started. By writing us about your challenges at, you can get precise solutions to fill the GAP between the existing and desired goals.

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