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Requirements Analysis

Requirement Analysis is the initial step in a new or a modified project. Also known as requirement engineering in a more technical term, it involves a series of activities. Requirement analysis plays a critical role in establishing the basis of a project and hence it becomes crucial to determine the needs and requirements of a project in a manner that there is no conflict of interest among the various stakeholders of the business. Cygnet understands the importance of a requirement analysis report as the initial step towards your project and hence, handles the study with utmost care and precision.

A new system and the changes in the work environment are usually expected with a new project. Although a requirement analysis is a matter of technology and management, we do understand the delicacy of the matter in terms of stakeholder psychology for the changes a new project may bring in. And hence, keeping in mind each and every stakeholder related to your organization, the requirement analysis study at Cygnet Infotech is staged in the following manner.

  • Requirement Elicitation: The first step involves gathering the requirements of the project through research, project documents, interviews and discussions with the stakeholders.
  • Requirement Analysis: Once we have accumulated enough raw material in the elicitation step, we scrutinize each detail, analyze the core necessities by means of various methods and elaborate discussions with the stakeholders, cross functional requirement analysis and conflict resolution, if any. Our well trained engineers and management experts then draw out the detailed process specifications of the project.
  • Documentation: Compilation of the final requirements of the project along with the required calculations, cases etc. is drafted to make the final Requirement Analysis report.

Considering the Human aspect of any project, while preparing the requirement analysis report, we take enough steps to involve the opinions of all the stakeholders by means of joint requirement development. Our task does not end at submitting you a detailed report of the requirement analysis. We, at Cygnet Infotech, believe in holding hands and providing all the required support and extended service for any future queries. We believe in delivering proper business analysis solutions, which help you improve overall productivity of your organization. Write us at and leverage the experience of our expert software developers and business analysts. 

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