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Online business is the buzz thing today. If you have a product to sell or a service to offer, it must be available on the web. In such a scenario, where your website plays the lead role in your work, it becomes very essential to monitor and analyze your website and customer preferences. In a physical store, monitoring a walk-in customer is easy and yet not quantifiable. But in an online business, the customer preferences can be studied in extensive details and utilized to enhance your business. This recording and analysis of data taken from your website, is the service of Web Analytics.

At Cygnet Infotech, the web analytics services are designed to suit the customer requirements. There is a tailor made approach which is drawn in regards to your strategic goals, kind of product and its marketing and your expectations of the web analytics services. With our extensive research and visitor data collection and analysis of your website, we provide a wide range of research areas, some of which are listed below:

  • Cost per acquisition
  • Return on your marketing plan: You can choose your marketing strategy on the basis of the current and past plans and the kind of return each one has given.
  • What is the path that your customer follows while surfing through your website and entry- exit points: By this, you can easily track which is the most preferred product and service; if the customer is leaving your website mid way and from a specific point, you can improve on those areas.
  • Regular Analysis: For the current goal you have set for your online business, we record and analyze monthly, weekly as well as daily reports of your website to understand the consumer psyche and accordingly devise your future action plan.


On the basis of this research, our internet marketing experts design a roadmap for your business so as to do away with the errors and increase your return on investments. We have a team of web designers, web developers and digital media experts to provide you with the perfect web analytics service. At Cygnet Infotech, we provide the web solutions which range from the basic Web Analytic Setup and Recording to Strategic Consulting. We specialize in the Google Analytics Service which is an affordable and yet advanced matrix service.

For an online business, it is very difficult to know a consumer as you do not meet them and they come from a wide culture and geography. So understanding the customers through numbers and data is the best possible way to optimize your business. And we are dedicated to serve you the best!

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