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Wireframe Development

Just like a project has a blueprint or a protocol to be done before actually implementing it, Wireframe Designing does just that before making a website. Wireframe development is all about developing a blueprint of an actual website. When we directly make a website for a client, it involves a lot of time and money, and yet the client may want some changes in the final website. Wireframing facilitates both, the client and the website designer reach at the desired outcome with minimum time and cost.

Wireframe is basically a rough sketch of the actual website content, graphics and features on each page of the website. It helps in clarifying the minute details in a web page, before actually making it. Hence, each step gives the required corrections and changes and keeps your website design project on track.

An accurate wireframe development depends upon the clarity provided by the client about their requirements, the content provided for web page making and the stage at which the website developer is utilizing the wireframe. At Cygnet-Infotech, we have costumed various ways in which a wireframe can be developed:

  • Hand sketch: This is the simplest way to wireframe your webpage. Make a pencil sketch on paper and discuss with the client so as to confirm that the client and the website designer are on the same page. With precise and definite sketch work, a hand sketched wireframe can also be used as a final wireframe.
  • Flowchart design: It can either be software or a simple power point presentation that can help you make a flowchart of the webpage. Here, we arrange your items in blocks in a typical manner to get a clear picture about what leads to what's in a website.
  • Web prototype design: There is software, especially for creating a wireframe. A few samples or prototypes are already available in such software and by feeding your information, we generate a suitable wireframe.
  • Photoshop or Illustrator Graphics: The biggest advantage of using a Photoshop or illustrator is, the design you have created can easily be converted into the final mock-up of the website. Though, learning the skills of using a Photoshop or illustrator efficiently is a correct key to a good wireframe.
  • (X)HTML: The wireframe we create here is almost like an actual website.

Our web designers have mastered this crucial step of wireframe development which results in a perfect website design for your company. Some of the major benefits of using a wireframe design are:

  • It gives clarity to the client. If the client is unsure of what exactly they require in a website or how to go about it, a wireframe will give them a direction.
  • If you are someone who needs precision to the core, a wireframe is the required thing. Using a wireframe design you can get a website deigned which satisfies you.
  • It is also encouraging to the website designer to keep trying and innovating using a wireframe development instead of working directly on the webpage design.
  • It becomes really easy for the client and website designer to work as a team and explore the client's company details to come out with an appealing and innovative concept for the website.
  • It also makes easy for the designer to understand the client's requirements and thus, deliver precise solutions.

A wireframe development is an effective tool to enhance effective communication between the parties and gives a very clear picture of the work. Even a simple wireframe would work wonders for your website project. Get in Touch and get bespoke wireframe development solutions. 

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