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Prototype Development Services

Prototypes can be screen visualizations or 2D or 3D physical objects representing the concept of future products and services. To put it simply, prototypes are developed so that they can be tested and improved again and again until desirable results are achieved. Our prototype development services help you in launching fresh products with less risk of failure.

It offers an understanding of what works and what doesn't at an early stage in the process of designing. Prototyping can be an effective method of arriving at strong and valuable user experience.

Our prototyping services are an iterative process. Our process begins with a rough base and progresses towards refinement. The earlier stages involve conceptual prototypes which only convey ideas while the latter comprise refined ones that are more functional and test interactivities.

Instead of designers and engineers, it is the users that provide the required feedback and conduct the consecutive versions. This is a process that effectively delivers value-to-end user.

Prototypes are basically of 3 primary types:

  • Functional prototypes: These are software solutions or models used for demonstrating the functionalities of a product or service and testing it before making further developments in it.
  • Appearance prototype: It is a visual and dynamic representation of what a future product may look like. These are models used for the evaluation of initial customer reaction.
  • Conceptual prototypes: It can be used for testing user acceptance of a product or service as it is interactive.
Our services include:
  • Specification: We offer a detailed specification of your future product or service so that you know that all the necessary elements are being included. Our team of QA assures quality documentation.
  • Static sketches: It is a cost-efficient way of avoiding misunderstandings with the development team. Application models created by us sketch the main functionality features and emphasize on core interrelations between application modules.
  • Clickable wireframes: Wireframes created by us are meant for software systems of varying complexities. We review important software features of an application before its development starts.
  • Designed interface: Our team of graphic designers provides quality GUI for your application during the final stage so that you get a complete look and feel of what your future product or service would be like.

Our prototype development services help you reduce development risks, simulate the process of business automation and control investments.

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