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One of the chief problems faced by entrepreneurs is the paucity of funds that can be allotted to building a robust IT infrastructure. Even if start-up companies have the budget, they often lack adequate technical knowledge to translate their ideas or plans into action. This is where we step in with our proventechnology consulting services for entrepreneurs. The success of a newbie in the market often lies with choosing an able technology partner. We can confidently claim that position because we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your limited budget for IT.

The economic downturn, that keeps rearing its head every now and then, has given birth to many entrepreneurs. The insecurities of a regular job often prompt people to start their individual businesses for a more secure future. However, setting up a business is no mean job especially in this highly competitive market. You need expert assistance and guidance which can be provided by us.

Our technology consulting for entrepreneursis specially tailored to meet the challenges faced by start-up companies in setting up their IT infrastructure. We cater to every aspect of IT environment configuration including:

  • Consultation in planning of IT networks
  • Consultation in software and hardware procurement
  • Construction of PABX system
  • Configuration of IT devices and their installation including computer, fax machine and printer
  • Construction of internet
  • Construction of e-mails
  • Design as well as construction of multiple and single module wiring system or, in other words, network and network wiring system
  • VOIP
  • Construction of VPN virtual network
  • Configuration of conference and video call system

Our technology consulting services for entrepreneurs also include critical evaluation of URLs and websites. This is important in order to ensure an assured web presence for a new business or site. Again, we assist in mobile and web application development since they form an integral part of any business in today's time. In short, we prepare you in every way to get guaranteed returns for your investment. Our primary aim lies in giving a professional head-start to your company by supporting you with adequate IT assistance. 

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