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Technology Migration

Is your company implementing a new CRM, ERP or some other major system? Is your technology group going through important changes in its processing and trying to make some significant improvement? Well, if such is the case, then it will require some careful planning and impeccable execution. Our technology migration services provide excellent organizational transition and transformation so that your business copes well with the changes and not lose its flow and pace in operation.

We understand your requirements and aid you in transforming your information systems into strategic enablers which help in supporting the growing demands of your business. Our services also help you in cutting costs and maintaining and improving existing applications. We will be helping you in relocating your present production software to a better language and preserve the unity of the original layout that was used in building the system instead of rebuilding it from scratch. This means that the rules and regulation of your business remain unchanged as no re-engineering is involved. We will turn you into a fundamental organization that can effectively handle everything from tracking developments and training employees in communicating new procedures and managing the vendors involved in transitions.

We have the necessary expertise for planning migrations that take care of issues associated with gradual termination of present systems and migrating to a newly deployed system. These issues could be database compatibility, interface compatibility or training and transition support. We use checklists in order to identify the critical issues corresponding to every component of your present system. And that the transformation of an enterprise software application from one environment to another is smooth and effective is solely taken care of by us.

We help you in effectively planning the entire process of transformation so that mistakes that can harm the entire setup can be avoided. Our planning is detailed, thoughtful and simple enough to be implemented by you or with our aid.

Our services include:

  • Migration to Open Source: Migration has always been a concern for enterprises contemplating an Open Source environment as application transfers, legacy overhauls and several options often pose a huge challenge. Our extensive experience in this field ensures that we give you the best Open Source technology that fits the bill perfectly
  • Migration to .Net: .Net allows your business to adapt gracefully so that you can use it to your advantage.

Our technology migration services offer effective planning and analysis that address both business and technical problems.

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