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People Initiatives 

Great organizations are built by its employees. This is the philosophy that we hold dearly which is why each of our employees is at the core of Cygnet's people initiatives. We consider every employee to be exceptional and responsible for contributing to the organization's growth and thus we have institutionalized several initiatives to bring about a caring and congenial working environment.

Accolades  - We release weekly Accolades to highlight client appreciations and acquaint everyone with the achievements and project accomplishments of different teams and individuals.

Annual Blood Donation Camp  - We organize Annual Blood Donation Camp in association with Prathama Blood center as a part of Social responsibility and make every employee participate in the noble cause.

Annual Picnic  - We also organize Picnic/Outings annually as a part of promoting recreation and bursting stress among employees.

Birthday Donations for a Social Cause - We give cash amount to employees on their birthdays and encourage them to donate this amount to Dialysis center to help the underprivileged.

JOSH - Annual Sports Day - Cygnet also organizes Annual Sports Day termed as Josh to bring out sportsmanship and promote competitiveness, enthusiasm and team work among employees.

Annual Dinner - We also organize dinner parties annually to acquaint employees with each other and make a Cygnet a better team.

Refer a Friend  - We have Referral Programs to encourage our people to refer their friends and extend Cygnet team.

Blogposts  - We publish regular blogposts related to company news and updates to keep everyone abreast of what's happening and new in the organization.

Words of Wisdom  - We roll out daily Word of Wisdom/Thoughts to inculcate positivity in employees and motivate them

By executing all these initiatives, we endeavor to strengthen our team and foster Cygnet's growth.

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