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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an on-demand model for easy access of network that facilitates significant reduction of costs, increase in storage availability, better control of data and high flexibility. With its help, information can be accessed anytime and anywhere by organizations thereby enhancing mobility, uptime and reliability. The shift to such an environment can have a significant impact on the operational efficiency of an IT organization by transforming the manner in which it delivers its services to business users.

The diverse benefits of Cloud are as follows:

  • Boasts of a wide range of dynamically scalable and pre-installed storage and computing infrastructure, application software and platform
  • On-demand access from scattered locations with the help of self-service, automated interfaces based on Open Standards
  • Lower rates based on usage or subscription
  • Hosted on a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, secure and optimized infrastructure
  • Automated management and user-hidden complexity

Our cloud computing services are aimed at transforming the way IT is leveraged by organizations. Our highly planned approach involves establishing your business requirements, assessing the fundamental components of technology such as applications, infrastructure, policies and processes and finally, deploying the appropriate computing elements to ensure the increased agility, improved scalability, reduced costs and prompt service delivery.

Our services address all the challenges associated with adopting cloud successfully in a business environment. These involve:

  • Achieving a strategic balance between economic realities of present infrastructure lifespan, cost and capabilities and the on-demand computing-reliant solutions
  • Evaluating the technical constraints or capabilities and related business needs tied to public, private or hybrid solutions
  • Handling vulnerabilities in systems of cloud information resulting in loss of revenue, possible information security risks and fraud
  • Ensuring access to the required resources and skills for efficient implementation of cloud solutions
  • Addressing intricate compliance needs and government guidelines around data storage, access and sharing
  • Formulating an organizational change plan in accordance with and support of cloud adoption
  • Developing a sound migration plan that includes comprehensive information on the type of workloads suitable for migration to particular computing types taking into account other crucial factors like the type of cost, support model and service level

Our cloud computing services encompass all its capabilities and offerings including deployment and migration, development and assurance, environment build, administration and management, disaster recovery and advisory to name a few. Our highly accomplished vendor-agnostic resources, proven evaluation methodologies and high level of cloud expertise can help you select and deploy a computing solution that is perfectly suited for your business environment.

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