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The choice or selection of a cloud service and implementation model for a company is dependent on the nature of the business it does as well as its technical and operational requirements. It is imperative to be aware of the key aspects and the core architecture of cloud computing in order to deploy the most suitable computing solution for your enterprise. There are mainly three popular cloud service models which are used liberally by organizations and enterprises. They are:

SaaS or Software as a Service:  It is a software model that is offered by the vendor via an online service. The primary benefit of a SaaS application is that it does not have to be installed or maintained by the user. It can run on the cloud infrastructure of the provider and accessed easily by the user through a web browser. The software is usually provided by the vendor to a business on a subscription basis and the cost depends on the usage of the product. SaaS model can help companies save expenses related to buying of software and hardware as well as their maintenance.

PaaS or Platform as a Service: PaaS facilitates quicker and more efficient development of applications in a cloud environment with the help of programming tools and languages supported by the provider. The primary cloud infrastructure that consists of network, operating systems, servers and storage is managed or controlled not by the user but by the provider. The user, instead, enjoys control over the installed applications and the configuration of its hosting environment.

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service: With IaaS, basic computing resources can be rented by a company in order to deploy and run applications or store data. Applications can be delivered more efficiently by companies since the difficulties involved in the management of their own infrastructure can be easily removed. With its help, applications can be deployed rapidly and the strength of IT services improved by the instant addition of storage capacity and computing processing power as and when required. In this case, the user has control over storage, operating systems and deployed applications.

We are proficient in all three cloud service models and can provide professional guidance in deploying any one or more of them in your enterprise. If you want to evaluate your company's cloud readiness or desired application model, we are the best people to come to.

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