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CNC Machine Software Developed on .Net Framework

Developed a solution using  .NET framework, integrated well with other CAD/CAM software, generated GCode instructions for CNC machines and minimized wastage in cutting metal. The program facilitates drawing shapes, importing new shapes to the library and optimizes cutting to reduce wastage. The system generated GCode for CNC machines with minimal implementation training.


  • Technology
  • Industry
  • Project Duration
  • Country
  • .Net 2.0, C#, MS Access
  • Engineering
  • 2 Years
  • Turkey


The client required a cost effective and solution that was less complex as compared to its counter parts. The key driving factors were

  • Need for a software that would optimize cutting to minimize wastage.
  • The application should allow facility to import shapes from other software's.
  • Also, the application should be able to generate instructions/steps for cutting devices (CNC machines) In GCode format.


The client collaborated with Cygnet InfoTech to deliver the solution that was structured in two parts (CAD, CAM):

The CAD part manages the functionalities related to shapes and allowed drawing many types of 2D shapes like: Line, Oval, Rectangle, Arc etc. The tools also allowed to export and Import Shapes and modify existing shapes.

CAM implemented the nesting algorithms (automatic and manual nesting) to define Jobs with the Machine, Stock and Shape Information. The system generated the GCode for CNC Machines and set the Cutting Sequence and Cutting Cycle and also kept a tab on average cutting time.


  • The system is a one-stop solution for the customers to make 2D shapes and nest the same
  • This system helps in exporting and import the shapes prepared using other software.
  • It provides simple and effective ways to manage shapes and Jobs to nest.
  • Performs Automatic Nesting
  • Uses an effective and comprehensive nesting algorithm

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