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Paid Advertising (PPC)

A challenging and cluttered search landscape always calls for a spark which can be obtained by capitalizing on the most effective marketing channels. Cygnet Infotech implements pay per click advertising holistically offering clients, speed, flexibility and reach. We try to work with our clients and become a team in developing campaigns and thereby resonate with targeted audiences to drive greater results. Our PPC campaign management expertise extends to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other niche PPC networks.

Few of our major services offered under pay per click - PPC advertising:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Right Keyword and Marketplace Research
  • Advertisement Optimization
  • Tracking Keywords to maintain Effectiveness
  • ROI Report
  • Local Search
  • Bid Management and Optimization


We have expert and efficient workforce looking after the PPC setup, monthly tracking and reporting of the services whenever required. Our pricing strategy depends upon the keywords and search engines our clients' desire to, but also we offer our services to our clients at a price which is very competitive.

We undertake a very proficient review of your website's conversion potential and also its content and usability and try to furbish a very useful strategy indeed. We test and test till we deliver the apt service ready for our clients and roll out in the market. Cygnet will ensure you that the campaign runs smoothly, attracting traffic and at maximum efficiency.

It is our experience and the proficiency shall blossom the creativity and you only pay for the response received.

Cygnet offers pay per click advertising services to both the onshore and offshore clients and you can contact us at or if you are interested you can request for a quote. 

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