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A/B & Multivariate Testing

The web is an effective platform for testing ideas and ascertaining what exactly works with end users or visitors. Even a slight alteration in a web page can augment or lessen its performance. However, it can be reasonably difficult to gauge the impact of several changes and weigh various webpage options. Multivariate Testing(MT) can enable easy testing of several changes simultaneously irrespective of the number of alterations you want to verify. It eliminates the need to increase the total sample size in order to ensure accurate results. The effect of each change made for optimization of a page can be identified easily.

We, at Cygnet, are adept at AB & Multivariate Testing. While the former checks only two variables, the latter is capable of checking multiple versions of elements on a single web page. In MT, various iterations of websites are shown to a similar number of visitors so that their responses can provide meaningful insight as far as the effectiveness of each checked version is concerned. We not only monitor the visitor response of your website to each element of a page but, also evaluate the accumulated data.

Our multivariate testing services can help you comprehend which variables of your site most enhance the performance of your sales. You can rest assured that your search engine ranking will not be affected by our checking systems. In fact, search spiders will never be able to sense that a checking process is in force. We serve all checking components at the browser level and install them without the assistance of your IT department thereby keeping them free from other obligations.

Your website creatives can be suitably refined and the performance of your advertising effort critically evaluated by us. We test different components of a site including:

  • Promotions
  • Landing pages
  • Page Layouts
  • Headlines and Messages
  • Cart as well as Check-out variables

Our Multivariate Testing solutions facilitate:

  • Optimization of web pages along with performance enhancement
  • Reduction of checking time
  • Implementation of new ideas and designs
  • Significant increase in page effectiveness and rate of conversion

Our multivariate testing services comprise of skilled marketing and technology analysts who handle everything from interface review and page tagging to reporting. They substantially increase the impact of your promotional messages and calls to action and trigger better response within both customers and prospects. 

Let's Talk to discuss your A/B & Multivariate Testing requirements.

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