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Documentation Services

Being in the business of software services for quite a long time, we are adept at offering you the correct and well-defined documentation solutions in perfect accordance with your needs. Each of our documentation services abides by standard guidelines in the field of technical writing, ensuring your satisfaction. Our simple and effective writing helps you in offering straightforward information to your users.

The present user-centric business model makes capable software documentation a necessity for companies in order to succeed in the competitive industry. It has been proved time and again that quality technical writing facilitates better ROI or Return of Investment.

Our technical writers follow the set styles and standards of the industry in order to develop precise, error-free and clear software documentation which allows you to make the most of your software investment. Our team of technical writing comprises technical writers as well as documentation project managers. This ensures better acceptance of newest technologies to keep up with the dynamic demands in the field of technical writing.

We customize our process of development keeping in mind your needs and demands.

We work using a four-phase procedure

  • Collecting requirements: This involves understanding the audience, using source documents and presentations for collecting information from the clients as well as in-house team and product knowledge.
  • Analyzing and designing: It involves analyzing documents related to projects and designing document plans, templates and layout of the content.
  • Creating and reviewing content: It involves the creation of error-free and user-friendly content and undertaking technical and functional review and feedback and preparing for the final delivery.
  • Delivery and deployment: It involves sending the deliverable for final review by the clients, receiving their feedback, deploying it and obtaining sign off.

We offer our services in developing

  • User manuals, configuration, installation and system administration
  • Policy manuals
  • Release notes
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Course materials
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • System Specifications
  • Product overviews
  • Workflow and process documents
  • Online Help Development
  • End user' s license agreement
  • 3D drawings and illustrations
  • Test Case Definition
  • Web-based Flash demonstrations
  • White papers
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Product Walk-throughs

Our experience has taught us the necessity of having an effective roadmap for documentation in order to attain the desired quality standards. Our documentation services are adept at handling the most complicated technical documentation requirements.

Our project estimation helps us to generate, manage, and validate estimates of efforts for a wide variety of projects. We also define the methods and tools which are going to be used for the project which assists us to measure and identify exact timelines for the project. In project management, accurate estimates are the basis of sound project planning. We begin with the most important task of setting realistic expectations and realistic picture of a project. Then comes a time to predict the impending problems and possible solutions, which might become a hurdle in the success of a project making it tough to deliver it on time.

The fundamental questions which we raise and solve while project estimation are;

  • How much efforts are required to finish the project?
  • How much calendar time is needed to complete the project as per the expectations?
  • What could be the total cost of the whole process?
  • Total costs of the tools and software used
  • Other organizational, economic, political and business considerations which might influence the cost and/or timeline

Overall, in this service,we estimate the project time and cost based on the client requirements and the whole scenario. By coming to us and giving your project estimation task to us, you can never be daunted and surely satisfy your client delivering the most precise solutions. Get in touch to get top notch business analysis solutions now.

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