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System Specifications

System specifications are documentations that define the expected behavior of an engineering system. It describes the requirements of a user and the requested properties of the inputs and outputs. Such requirements can be for materials, items, services as well as processes for determining whether they have been fulfilled properly. One can call it a more technical response to a matching document of requirements. It, thus, gets the results of the requirement analysis stage. In more complicated cases, the multiple levels of specifications tend to draw close to each other like on the module level, system level and technical level.

Specifications help in avoiding inconsistencies and duplicities and assist in accurately estimating the necessary work and resources. It can also be treated as a reference and negotiation document for the purpose of engineering changes. It allows constant communication among the people responsible for engineering and also offers documentation for configuration. It gives a clear idea of the problem that needs to be solved and thus helps in planning the design of the system and makes an estimation of the cost of the design alternatives. They also guide the testers for verifying each technical requirement.

The specifications do not really focus on the inner functionalities of a certain system; instead it concentrates on what the users will be facing while interacting with it. It basically defines the interaction between an external agent and the software. For instance, when a user provides input to a system by clicking "OK", it responds by closing the window that contains the dialogue box with the "OK" button.

In informal cases, it can be considered as a user manual or a blueprint from the point of view of a developer. And in formal cases, it is seen to have a particular meaning defined in terms of mathematics and programs. Specifications that are successful are usually written for understanding the applications that have already been developed. It is very important for external interfaces that need stability.

What We Do

We determine what is to be implemented and how. We provide source code and test cases while referring to the specifications. While performing tests, we compare the actual behavior of a program against the expected one as mentioned inthe system specifications.

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