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Shopping Funnel Design 

The use of Funnel in eCommerce sites involving Shopping Carts and Checkout processes is very common. It is usually set up by an analyst or marketer. Its starting point is the landing page of an email or pay-per-click marketing campaign while it ends at the 'Receipt' or 'Thank You' page that is witnessed by a user when he completes the buying process. After the collection of some data, each step or page in the funnel is carefully observed by the analyst or marketer with the sole purpose of finding out the exact spot or juncture at which the shopping process is abandoned by the users. This is important to find out where exactly you lag behind and that is whyshopping funnel designcan play an instrumental role in improving sales and ensuring a better shopping experience for your users.

A Funnel or Conversion Funnel, as it is more popularly called because of its function, can provide a lot of useful information on the strength and weaknesses of your site. It can make you aware of the navigational patterns of your customers so that you can determine exactly what alterations ought to be made to ease the process of buying for your customers. If a drop off in the number of visitors is noticed in the checkout process on a specific page, it clearly denotes that the page is not able to direct its visitors to the next webpage properly or seamlessly. It can be a case of lack of user-friendliness or some aspect of the current page preventing the visitors from proceeding to the next step.

In such cases, Conversion Funnels can be very effective in informing you about the necessity of re-examining the concerned page making it easier to use. This is exactly what we do so that your conversion rate can improve and increase significantly. The other techniques employed by us for your Conversion Funnel improvement are:

  • Decreasing the number of stages involved in completing the conversion
  • Decreasing the amount of details asked from the visitor
  • Improving the manner of providing information to visitors 

Our shopping funnel design services not only analyze your web pages that follow your landing page but also redesign and test them for better results. With our shopping funnel design services, we aim at improving your conversion rates and facilitating a user-friendly browsing experience for your customers.

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