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Customer Relationship Management

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is essentially a business philosophy that is concerned with building a strong and enriching relationship with the clients or customers with the purpose of enhancing the arena of business and increasing customer satisfaction. It is the process of finding, gaining and retaining clients and increasing their loyalty towards the brand.

The primary benefits of a CRM solution are:

  • The most promising clients of an enterprise can be identified and targeted
  • Marketing campaigns can be managed more easily thereby enabling more quality lead generation
  • The most beneficial clients can be identified and business can be improved significantly
  • Customer satisfaction can be maximized thereby ensuring their retention for a longer period of time
  • Marketing processes can be simplified and deals can be closed much faster by staffs
  • Vital data including order histories of customers and other details can be collected with ease


If you want to leverage all these benefits, we can help you implement a viable CRM solution in your enterprise and incorporate it into scalable hosted solutions, custom-built applications and packaged applications.

We have extensive expertise in Customer Relationship Management software such as Microsoft Dynamics which help in better management of your customers.

MS Dynamics is equipped with integration capabilities that make the process of meeting all your business needs, whether it is intricate or simple, so much easier. It provides you with complete customer information that can be shared with different departments thereby enhancing sales. Integration with manufacturing and accounting departments for sharing up-to-date information can also be done easily. It consists of five main module components that cater to your business requirements of marketing, sales, analyses, workflow management and customer services.

Our CRM services comprise of:

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Migration and Upgrade
  • Application Care


Our Customer Relationship Management solutions provide you with the advantages of comprehensive domain experience, proven change management and deployment methodologies, a set of highly efficient in-house tools and strong relations with leading vendors.

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