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BYOD Mobile Device Management Services

With more and more use of Smartphones, iPhones, iPads , Blackberrys  and Androids, the gap between workplace and home has decreased considerably. Today, majority of employees access corporate network and business applications on their mobiles. They want their contacts, emails, calendars, etc. on their devices. A "bring your own device" or BYOD management program for your employees consolidates their old standard device as well as their new and favorite personal device. Now, they have to carry only one device for both professional and personal use. This shapes and improves their communication and experience.

BYOD program undoubtedly makes your employees happier and productive but it also poses threat to your corporate network. It is increasingly causing security concerns for data and organizational networks. The uncontrolled access to corporate data is a potential way of creating backdoors into the corporate network which can increase vulnerability to malware and lead to the leakage of confidential information. This means that effective control over the use of Smartphones and tablets is needed to manage BYOD culture.

Our solutions include:

  • All day monitoring of corporate network
  • An efficient workflow that simplifies BYOD Management
  • Using proper marker packet techniques which detect all types of Rogue APs like Soft Rogues, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Automatically pointing out the physical location of a Wifi device inside a premise
  • Automatic fingerprinting of Tablets and Smartphones
  • Planning a BYOD Management API that integrates with any MDM solution
  • Delivering BYOD report to your Inbox

The other things you can do with Cygnet's BYOD Assistance are:

  • Securing the privacy of the user and confidential information by using a security system to distinguish personal and security data
  • Blocking unauthorized devices from accessing your network and data

MDM solutions do not always work because personal devices do not have any MDM software and users do not really find it useful to install it. NAC solutions that integrate into Wifi infrastructure can offer security but is limited to devices that connect through enterprise Wifi networks. Thus, users can find other ways to access what they want.

Hence, it is essential to seek assistance from skilled BYOD Management professionals. Our BYOD management solutions can effectively control the threats and risks posed by personal Wifi devices. With our BYOD management program, we ensure the critical information integrity that protects sensitive programs with ease.

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