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How it is beneficial if I choose an offshore developer?

Firstly, you save on infrastructure (laptop, seating place) and payroll (salary) process. Secondly, you can save 30-50% of your money compared to hiring onsite resources, while still retaining the quality in deliverables. We can ramp up and ramp down resources as per your business need with proper notice period within a short span of time.

What is the process for starting a project?

Initially we start by discussing your requirements.

  • If you need to hire developers for your project, we will provide you with the candidates with the right amount of expertise and skills that are required for the project along with the hourly costs. You could then interview them and hire them.
  • If you have a defined task, then we will provide you with a time and cost estimate.

Once an agreement is reached, we'll start with the project activities.

Once we pay the charges how much time it will take for a developer to start my work?

Normally, it will take 4-6 working days to for our project lead to schedule a start date depending on current resource allocations and future plans.

Can I expect developers to have proficiency in English?

Yes, all our employees and developers can communicate in English.

What would be the mode of communication to give training or guidelines to my hired developer?

Your hired developers would be available according to your required time zone on Instant Messengers, Skype, Email, GoToMeeting and on need basis we also provide direct VOIP numbers. We will ensure there is some time overlap between your time zone and India time zone to provide a common time for communications.

How do I know my project will be completed on time?

We provide weekly reports so it is easy for you to track the project. Completion dates for the project as a whole are related to many things. But it is worth noting that in the early stage of the project, especially during requirements analysis, it's often beneficial to allow more time than originally planned because each well-spent day during early stages of a project can save many days of work down the road.

If I am not satisfied with the developer will you provide a replacement?

Yes, we will look into the process and replace a developer if there is any dissatisfaction in the ongoing project. We will do the knowledge transfer on our cost.

Can you come on-site?

Yes we do, when required. Especially in gathering primary requirements, final delivery or other pain points. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.



What are your payment terms?

For fixed-price projects, it will depend on the duration of the project. Payment schedule will be determined by the project milestones. Usually we expect an advance. For hourly projects, rates depend on the experience and technology skills of the resource.

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept online payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards (VISA/Master Cards/American Express), Paypal as well as through Bank Wire Transfer. For regions like USA we accept physical cheques too.  

Are there any additional hidden charges?

Apart from hiring charges or project charges, there are no other additional hidden charges.

How do I relate work accomplished to the invoices you send?

For every project we create a detailed project plan. As the project progresses, each developer records their time spent on each task along with a description of the work performed. Based on this information, invoices are produced for each billing period along with supporting timesheets showing exactly what was accomplished by each person on each task and when the work was performed. Using the database of time and cost, analysis for each part of the project can be carried out.

Once I've become dependent on you, I'm afraid your pricing won't be as favorable as it was for the first project.

We have a standard technique for estimating projects, whether it is the first or fifth time we have worked together. Our estimates will include detailed information about the tasks required for project and relate these tasks to deliverables. All time and cost estimates are clearly described. You can easily see how the estimate was arrived at and where there are opportunities to reduce cost. However, we cannot control inflationary pressures and may increase our rates with mutual consent.  

Will my project be confidential and safe with your company?

Yes, you can trust us completely. We place high value on our customer's artifacts and information. Moreover, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start working with you. This will ensure that your data is safe with our company. We are ISO 27001 certified for Information Security. If your security concerns are high, we can work on a VPN provided by you so that all the artifacts remain with you and the developers access the codes remotely. We support high bandwidth connections so there are usually no problems in working remotely.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we will sign a mutual NDA to protect you and your idea as well as our company. We have prepared an NDA which can be used by both parties or you can provide your own.

Is the code owned by us?

Once the project has been completed and payment is received we will send you the code files and thereafter it is completely owned by you. We will mention the source code ownership details in work for hire agreement itself. However, we would appreciate that you allow us to quote you as our customer in our marketing efforts. 



What is procedure of mobile app development?

Primarily we will understand and gather the requirements from you. After doing some preliminary assessment, we will provide a ball park estimation for time and cost. If that is agreeable, we will do a detailed project plan and Wireframe. When we will receive the approval from your side, we will push the project into development phase.

How much it costs to make a mobile application?

The effort and time taken to develop each mobile application differs and thus it will depend upon the complexity of the application.

Can I hire a dedicated mobile application developer?

Yes you can. We have skilled developers on mobile technologies. Depending on your requirements, we can propose some developers which you can interview and select for your on-going projects.

How can I test the application while under development?

We will divide the overall project into the milestones, once the project is finalized.  After the completion of every milestone, we provide the build to you to test if you need it. 

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