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Single Page Websites

Single page websites are the one that fits everything on a single page. They are the miniature versions of websites that serves all the necessary information on one page in a condensed manner. These websites are most suitable for displaying products, apps or anything that is not heavy on content, for e.g. start up businesses, freelancers, consultants, designers, etc. can use these websites to show their work or portfolio.Single page websitesare also a great way to save time of visitors as they don't have to navigate through different pages and the site only needs to load once.

Cygnet Infotech offers single page website ormicro website designing servicesto clients who want to promote their products and services highlighting additional details and create a lasting impression on visitors. We possess all the necessary know-how and technical skills to developone page websitesas well as cluster pages as an auxiliary to main websites.

We know that one page website is a trend and thus we have gained the knack to shrink all the info on a single page template with beautiful graphics and effective content that satiate the all the customers demand.

Cygnet's Single Page Website Designing extends to the following:

  • Business websites
  • Personal websites
  • Marketing sites
  • All kinds of blogs
  • One page shopping carts
  • GUI based web applications
  • Customized one page websites & portals

When designing single page websites, we follow below mentioned strategy to deliver great value to our client's website designing needs

  • Creating expressive and interactive designs with right dose of graphics
  • HTML, XHTML/CSS coding without flash to render the great SEO value
  • Instilling high-end functionality
  • Adding Browser compatibility
  • Diving contents into paragraphs and bullet points
  • Adding a clear call to action
  • Providing simple navigation

People nowadays prefer one page websites that cater adequate information and links to get contacted instead of huge multilayered sites.

If you too are on a spree to develop a single page website at cost-effective rates that earn high SERPs and gain client's peerless recognition, we are the right people to serve you with the highest level of satisfaction. Get a free quote now.

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