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Biz-talk solution for Integrating Multiple Legacy Systems for an Insurance

Provided biz talk solution to integrate legacy systems (mainframe and mid-range) and line-of-business applications (SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc)


  • Technology

  • Industry
  • Project Duration
  • Country
  • BizTalk 2006 - R2, MS SQL Server 2005, Enterprise Service Bus 2007, Enterprise Library 3.1, Net 3.5 Compact Framework, SQL Server CE
  • Insurance
  • 1 year
  • USA


The client, a title insurance & financial services company, had multiple applications that ran on multiple systems with different technologies. With the expansion the company, it was required to develop various applications which could efficiently manage the data. Later on to improve efficiency of the company a need arose to integrate all the systems, situated at various locations, for better communication and better management of data flow.


Cygnet InfoTech proposed a Biz talk implementation that would help to all the systems working in the company at same or different locations. The solution provided following features

  • Information exchange and collaboration in-between the systems.
  • Implementation of robust exception handling using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Caching & logging using Enterprise Libraries
  • Usage of the business rules engine.
  • Exposed Orchestration as web services as well as consumed web services in orchestrations.
  • Health Activity Monitoring(HAT) implementation
  • Developed Custom and Advanced Functoid. Some of the functoids implemented by our team comprise of String, Cumulative, Mathematical, Logical and advance functoids such as Scripting, Record count, And Looping etc.
  • Use of maps in orchestrations as well as in pipelines.
  • Implementation of complex schemas We have implemented various schema types such as Plain, Flat File and Property schemas as well. Creation of Maps using Schemas, Multipart Schemas,
  • Integration between different application Change management - maintenance, updates & troubleshooting (debugging, configuration, and more)
  • Usage of New BT adapter's such as MSMQ, SQL, FILE, WCF, SOAP
  • Failed Message Routing
  • Enhanced Message Recovery Capabilities
  • Large Message Transformation
  • Building & Managing Orchestrations. Some artifacts that have been used in orchestrations are Receive, Send, Transform, Construct, Message Assignment, Call Child Orchestration, Call (Business) Rule, Expression, Scope, Transaction, Web Port, Filter Expression, Parallel Actions etc.
  • Multipart Messages and Web part messages
  • Creating new or utilizing built in pipelines.
  • Creating Custom Pipeline components
  • Calling .Net assembly from Orchestration and Map.


The implementation of BizTalk server led to multiple benefits:

  • The old applications would work in collaboration overruling the need for a new application.
  • Cost & Time benefit since the company did not have to invest in building a new application.
  • Since the old systems were used hence the company did not need to invest in additional trainings.
  • No fear of data loss.
  • Centralized & Accurate information.
  • Easy & Centralized Management.
  • Monitoring and tracking of processes and functions

"We have found their technical staff skills to be of a high standard and they have been extremely cooperative during the development cycle.

I would highly recommend Cygnet in terms of their technical skill and their ethical approach to contracts and agreements."

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