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Cygnet's Solutions for a Superlative Retail Experience

Breathe new life into your retail initiative and achieve phenomenal customer delight

Retail sector changes at a dramatic pace where buyers and customers keep on changing their habits and expectations. With the explosion of online and digital channels, customers are empowered to access information about products, compare and buy them with ease. In this dynamic and competitive market, retailers need to deliver exceptional services by providing fast, reliable and seamless shopping experiences in stores, online and over mobile to survive and exceed customers’ expectations by being dynamic and competitive.

Cygnet provides technology services bundled with various solutions that custom fits the need of our retail clients. We deliver outcomes that transform your retail set-up strengthening your customer relationships, profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

From shaping your retail IT landscape to making your presence felt across different platforms, we can help you with our 360 Degree and Integrated Solutions for Retail.

360 Degree Solutions for Retail

Varied processes unified to provide “One Seamless Retail Shopping Experience”

Our 360 Degree Retail Solutions imparts greater visibility into customer experience, enhances operational efficiencies, increases order fulfillment and optimizes your retail space throughout your value chain.

360 Degree Solutions for Retail

Retail shopping experience has moved beyond direct interaction between the customer and the brand. The engagement starts way before a customer visits a store. The customer receives product information from various sources like company’s website, social media sites, blogs, mobile app, etc. The customer enters the retail space with a biased “First Impression” based on the information gathered from these pre-store touchpoints.

At Cygnet, we help you make a long lasting impression in the customer's mind by assisting in developing customized pre-store retail solutions tailored to best suit your and your customer’s needs.

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    Online Strategy & Planning

    We help you in designing, developing and setting-up your customized online presence by analyzing the requirements and business structure that results in steering your retail brand in the right direction. From creating high-performing websites with compelling UI to establishing content management strategy, we help you make the most of your online presence.

    1. Custom Ecommerce Store Development
    2. User Experience Consulting
    3. Web Content Management Solutions
    4. Store Integration Services
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    Customer Engagement Solutions

    We help you create a seamless customer engagement and conversion strategy with our deep domain and technology expertise. We guide you to leverage every touchpoint by synchronizing it with right mix of channels and database in a manner that promises to accentuate your conversion and store profitability.

    1. Conversion Rate Optimization
    2. Lead Conversion Improvement
    3. Customer Insights Development & Management
    4. Behavior Analytics Solution
    5. A/B Testing
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    Mobile Enablement

    At Cygnet, we help you create solid mobile-enabled frameworks that help in extending your mobile presence and enhancing your relationships with customers on mobile. Our services ensure, you deliver consistent brand experiences on mobile devices of customers so that your business adds similar value to customers like physical shopping experience from anywhere, anytime on their mobile.

    1. Mobile Application Development
    2. Mobile Ordering Solutions
    3. Mobile Commerce/mCommerce
    4. Mobile Payment Solutions
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    Integrated Marketing Solution

    We also help you in developing solid marketing strategy that really pays off your IT investments. It takes perseverance to convert prospects into regular customers and hence we assist in crafting precise marketing strategies and solutions that are aimed directly at your target audience. We also help our clients to monitor and measure the results of their marketing campaigns to formulate future marketing strategies.

    1. Digital Marketing Solutions
    2. PPC and Advertising Solutions
    3. Search Engine Marketing
    4. Social Media Marketing Management
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The actual trip that a customer makes to the retail store, physical or virtual, is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire retail shopping experience. The store’s ambience, floor layout, merchandising, aisle & shelf placing, on-floor customer service executives and point-of-sale kiosks are some of the key features of the in-store experience, which often play the most important role in motivating customers to make a purchase. For an ecommerce store too, the UI & UX elements play a crucial role in eliciting positive customer response.

Right from helping you improve the efficiency of the payment, sales and inventory tracking process to designing a shopping experience optimized to generate sales, our comprehensive in-store retail solutions ensure that your store costs less to run and your customers buy more.

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    Point of Sale Solutions

    Selling is at the core of any retail business. You want to process payments fast, track sales and inventory, and identify regular customers and empower your employees to make sales from any computing device.

    Our retail-specific POS and merchant integration solutions function as a pivot for all your processing and inventory needs. By integrating POS with mobiles, barcode scanners and RFID devices, we will empower your employees with smooth, speedy sales processing ability and automated to semi-automated inventory management.

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    RFID Solutions

    One of the biggest challenges faced by medium and large retailers is tracking goods and assets from manufacturing to retail stores. Instead of employees manually tracking inventory on shelves using a barcode scanner, you can deploy automatic RFID scans to reduce effort, cut costs and boost efficiency.

    We implement RFID solutions that enable retailers to easily identify and track a large inventory of varied items across the supply chain and also in-store. We also implement one-shot scanning of items at various retail points, significantly cutting down on queues at stores.

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    CRM Solutions

    Retail enterprises are passing through a unique phase. You have access to a much larger customer base than even before. But, you can target an amorphous mass – customers today want extremely personalized services.

    We design tailored CRM solutions that fulfil your unique needs and help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you want to manage loyalty programs or handle targeted marketing campaigns, or you want to segment your customers and target the most profitable visitors, our CRM will enable you to achieve your goals and fulfil customer expectations across channels.

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    In-Store Customer Tracking

    The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them. By analyzing various facets of a customer’s interaction with your store, you can interpret their likely actions and optimize your resources to maximize sales and ROI.

    We empower retail enterprises to collect accurate and actionable customer data, analyze it and take insightful decisions. Whether it is a web store or a brick-and-mortar outlet, we help track details on amount of time spent in the store, time spent in various sections, products of interest, repeat or first-time visits, and lots more to help you build a store geared to sell.

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    In-Store Kiosks

    Online shopping behaviors and expectations are spilling over to physical stores. Medium-to-large enterprise retail outlets can elevate in-store shopping experience by leveraging this tendency.

    We help retailers develop interactive in-store kiosks that customers can use to find their way around the store, locate products, get product information, and order out-of-stock products. Such kiosks can also acts as a virtual mirror and mobile POS in some cases – users can order products in-store and collect them on the way out, or you can deliver the products to their location.

Let's Discuss Your Project Let's Discuss Your Project

Pre-store contact helps you get customers on the store, an optimized shopping experience ensures sales, while an intelligent post-sale strategy guarantees better customer engagement and retention. As the most neglected and underrated step in the entire retail process, post-sale strategy solutions offer the best scope of improvement to retailers.

Our consultants study your retail process and formulate a post-sales strategy tailored to your specific needs. We then develop, implement and maintain IT solutions that help you convert a first-time customer into a repeat buyer, and also help raise the average value order.

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    Shipping and Logistics Solutions

    Not only do the customers want quality products at low costs, but they want them ‘right now and right here.’ Most retailers need to source globally to meet such demands, and the sheer types and numbers of items puts a severe strain on the supply chain.

    We step in your shoes, understand the unique complexities of your process, and develop custom shipping and logistics solutions that help you reduce inventory and drive logistical efficiency. Our shipping integration solutions automate most shipping-related processes, ensure customer satisfaction, and let you focus on your core activities.

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    Customer Loyalty & Engagement Solutions

    The modern customer researches a product online, interacts with the retailer across channels, and is more likely to express loyalty to a shopping experience than a brand. The better you are at teasing insights from customer histories and transactions, and converting the insights into actions that please customers, the more likely you are to inspire loyalty.

    We build solutions integrated with your POS and CRM that analyze data and help you identify & target different types of users profitably. You can fire automated emails and SMSes rewarding loyalty with discounts, promoting specific items to specific users, offering product suggestions, and thanking users.

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    Retail Test and Validation Services

    Most retail IT portfolios comprise of a mixture of legacy IT and newer applications. Both need to integrate seamlessly for the whole system to work. To make retail IT work for you, you need to ensure that each application works well individually, as well in tandem with other applications and legacy software.

    We offer testing and independent validation services that enable you to cut costs and accelerate development, integration and deployment processes. Our testing and validation services cover entire spectrum of IT landscape, including POS testing and validation, ecommerce testing and validation, and retail application testing services.

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    Business Intelligence

    Facing cut-throat competition, you are always trying to differentiate yourself from the competition. Thankfully, you are sitting on a stockpile of data that can help you succeed.

    Leveraging our longstanding experience and expertise with SSIS (for data integration and workflow applications), SSAS (data mining and reporting) and MDX (querying and manipulating multidimensional data), we create BI solutions that encompass the entire retail value chain. Our BI services include Consulting & Planning, BI Migration & Integration, Analytics & Reporting, and Administration and Performance management.

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Integrated Retail Solutions

The retail transaction is no longer limited to a stand-alone purchase. It is now an amalgamation of various processes into one seamless experience. Cygnet provides retail solutions that combine diverse retail operations to establish a perfect harmony between multiple systems and store processes. This helps you to provide a flawless retail shopping experience to the customers.

Integrated Retail Solutions

Today, customers interact with retail companies via multiple channels such as company’s website, mobile app, ecommerce website, social media and brick-and-mortar store, to arrive at a buying decision. Omni-channel Retailing integrates these touchpoints into one seamless retail shopping experience, ensuring that your consumers experience uniformity across all the channels.

Our Omni-channel Retail Solutions ensure synergy among all the channels, data, processes and systems to give customer a personalized, brand-specific experience. Our suite of solutions also helps you analyze individual customer’s behavior, preference and buying patterns, and accordingly proposes personalized offerings in real time, thus helping you attract a bigger share of the customer’s wallet.


Actual Store Visit

Social Media

Online Retail Sites

Mobile App

Company Website


Merchandising essentially includes three things – The Product, its Price and the Product Assortment or Arrangement being offered at the retail space (physical as well as virtual). These three things hold paramount importance when a customer interacts with your business.

Our merchandising solutions act as an integrated platform that establishes a synchronization between Product Management, Information Management, Merchandise Analytics, Financial/Price Planning & Management, Space Planning and Promotion Management. This integration of online and offline tactics allows you to leverage shop insights and take quick decisions. Informed decisions at every stage drive customer engagement, increase effectiveness of promotions, boost inventory productivity, reduce time-to-market and improve sales volumes.

Product Management

Information Management

Financial Planning & Management

Space Planning

Promotion Management

Retail Merchandising


A robust inventory management system ensures smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods in and out of the supply chain. It controls inventory effectively to minimize waste and reduce the cost of managing inventory.

Retail enterprises cater to customer across the globe, and source products from all corners of the world. At the same time, the customers want products at a low price, and they want retailer to deliver the product within a short span of time (if not immediately).

We help clients identify and eliminate supply chain and inventory issues, and ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods in and out of the supply chain. We develop and implement smart Inventory Management Solutions that track products throughout their lifecycle, thereby increasing visibility of items at every stage, improving execution of supply chain plan, and enabling retailers to fulfil the needs and whims of the modern consumer. Our high-performance retail inventory management solutions that include, but not limited to, the following features:

Vendor portals – For collaboration with vendors/suppliers during the product development stage, which would take care of the following:

  • Define standards of material, color, texture, pattern, etc

  • Suggest changes in the product prototype based on the customers’ preference analysis and buying behavior

  • Define quality standards to be maintained in the product

  • Real-time inventory visibility – To automatically notify suppliers of the items that need to be replenished soon, thus ensuring maintenance of optimum inventory levels and helping in avoiding out-of-stock or overstocking situations

  • Accurate demand forecast – For making accurate demand forecast based on accurate and timely inventory data

  • Real-time Stock availability – For providing real-time stock information to the end-customers, and also the availability of out-of-stock products in the near future

  • Real-time inventory tracking – To track inventory at all levels; this helps in determining and minimizing delivery turnaround time

A satisfied customer is the achievement of successful retail experience. Customer Relationship Management is the key to this success, and we provide you with this key. We understand the importance of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention, the key drivers for implementing CRM, and provide you with the CRM Solutions that have customer at the core.

Our customer centric solutions are an assimilation of Customer Loyalty Programs, Marketing Campaign Management, Customer Care Support and Analysis, Interpretation & Implementation of Customer Data. The real-time connectivity across channels helps build stronger relationships, thus achieving Customer Satisfaction & Customer Retention.


Today, the retail shopping experience is largely data driven. Data obtained from multiple sources is monitored using data analytics tools to meaningfully interpret customer behavior, which in turn helps foreground products and services of customers’ interest. Data-driven decisions help businesses to promote better customer experience, gain higher visibility and generate better ROI.

At Cygnet, Targeted Data Mining, Reporting and Analysis is used to excavate, present and interpret tons of data from various sources to help you to make informed decisions for Pricing, Promotions, Assortment Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management. With the help of our solution you can:

  • Transform your raw business data into smart data

  • Analyze customer shopping behavior to collect actionable in-store data

  • Target potential customers at the right time and place, and drive more traffic to the store

  • Increase profit per customer with the help of statistically comparable sale and customer data

  • Make calculated investments where they matter the most, and focus on the campaigns that generate higher conversions

  • Discover loopholes in Supply Chain, and take actions in order to have an uninterrupted and effective supply chain

  • Use customer analysis to achieve higher rate of engagement and retention

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