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In the recent years, the retail industry has become more intense and competitive due to globalization, deflation, changing customer demands and diversification of sales channels.The  traditional method of relying on historical data and gut instinct no longer help in making sound decisions and predicting future demand. Businesses today, need data about their customers, transactions, distribution channels, products, supply chains and operations from disparate systems to make optimum marketing decisions, increase productivity and make sound customer relationship management strategies to gain competitive advantage.Thus it is inevitable for retailers to have automated solutions that can manage their business efficiently and augment sales revenue.

Working with this industry since inception, Cygnet understands its current trend and economic climate and so offers IT solutions leveraging latest technologies that help these retailers get quick, measurable and efficient returns. Cygnet overs the years has emerged as a strategic partner for leading retailers across the globe to provide focused and cost-effective solutions that help them in achieving business targets in a competitive environment.

We have helped several Brick and Mortar stores by developing mission critical Point of Sales (POS) solutions, in store CRM systems, inventory management, SharePoint intranet and extranet and back-end operations systems which have served end to end requirements of retail clients.

Some of the  functions and systems of the retail industry that are addressed by our IT solutions

  • Web and Mobile Order Processing Systems
  • Point of Sale System
    • Bar Code Integration
  • Product Management
    • Tendering & Procurement
    • Catalogue Management
    • Product Information Management
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Planning & Forecasting
    • Warehouse Inventory Tracking
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Analytics
    • MIS Reports
    • Business Intelligence
    • Financial Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Warehousing

With our experience, we have assisted retail clients by developing customized applications, maintaining their existing systems, managing their information and processes which has imparted required flexibility for them to remain on the competitive edge.

To know more about our experience in retail sector, feel free to contact us or read our case studies.

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