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Cygnet's Solutions for a Superlative Retail Experience

Varied processes unified to provide “One Seamless Retail Shopping Experience”

360 Degree Solutions for Retail

360 Degree Solutions for Retail

Today, the retail shopping experience has become an interaction between the customer & the brand. An interaction that starts way before customer’s visit to the store. The customer receives product information from various sources like company’s website, social media sites, blogs, mobile app, etc., even before visiting the store. The customer enters the retail space with a biased “First Impression” based on the information gathered from these pre-store touchpoints.

At Cygnet, we help you make a long lasting impression in the customer's mind by providing IT Solutions tailored to best suit your & the customer’s needs and expectations.

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    Website Creation

    A company's website is the most important touchpoint. With Cygnet’s proficiency in various technologies like Microsoft, Java, PHP, Cloud, etc., we design websites by keeping in mind all the factors such as your requirements, nature of business, target audience, etc., to craft a high-performing website.

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    Mobile Application

    In today's mobile-driven world, having a mobile app is imperative to sustain market dynamics. At Cygnet, we develop mobile apps for all the leading mobile platforms, and ensure it adds real value to your business by providing features such as easy and intuitive mobile user interface, uncluttered product listing, secure payment gateway integration, shipping integration and shopping cart integration.

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    Conversion Rate Optimization

    At Cygnet, we realize the importance of converting website visitors into customers. We provide conversion rate optimization features that add profitability to your business. Our features are dedicated to provide a compelling experience to the web visitors, which in turn encourage customers to make a purchase.

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    Gamification is the newest marketing tool used to digitally engage customers to fulfill their product requirements. It uses the gaming mechanics to influence customers buying decisions. At Cygnet, we develop basic to highly complex games for various web as well as mobile platforms.

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    In-app and in-game

    In-app and in-game advertising is one of the most difficult tools to attract customers as it gets minimal display space. At Cygnet, we design the most creative, precise and to-the-point ads aimed directly at the target audience. We also help our clients to monitor and measure the results of their marketing campaigns to formulate future strategies.

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The actual trip that a customer makes to the retail store, physical or virtual, is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire retail shopping experience. The store’s ambience, floor layout, merchandising, aisle & shelf placing, on-floor customer service executives and point-of-sale kiosks are some of the key features of the in-store experience, which often play the most important role in motivating customers to make a purchase.

At Cygnet, we understand the value of providing an extraordinary in-store customer experience. After carefully understanding your business needs, we design perfect IT Solutions for this most important phase in the retail shopping experience. Our successful partnerships with our retail clients is a testimony to the fact that we help providing the best retail experience to the customer.

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    In-store Customer Tracking

    In-store Customer Tracking is an emerging trend in the retail industry. The retailers can track the number of customers that visit the store, amount of time spent in the store, time spent in various sections, and also if they are visiting the store for the first time or are repeat customers.

    At Cygnet, we help you by providing accurate data that matters to your business. It includes data related to the customer’s interaction with the store that you can analyze and interpret, and accordingly optimize resources to achieve higher ROI.

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    Point-of-Sale (POS)

    Point-of-sale is used to complete the retail transaction. Today, POS is not just limited to a billing counter. It has moved to mobile devices that have entered the retail space catering to the needs of omnichannel customers. Whether you are a single store retailer or a giant chain retailer, Cygnet caters to your needs, and designs a POS software that helps increasing your profitability and reducing unnecessary overhead costs.

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    In-store Kiosks

    In-store kiosks are slowly gaining popularity as an important retail touchpoint. Customers can use the kiosks for findings ways around the store, locating the products, getting information about the products, ordering out-of-stock products, and also acts as a virtual mirror and mobile POS in some cases. Cygnet designs interactive kiosks that helps engaging and retaining the customer.

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Post sales services like SMS notifications, E-mail notifications and timely delivery, are equally important as the pre store contact and the in-store experience. Although these services are imperative in ensuring customer retention, post-sale strategy is the most neglected and underrated step in the entire retail process.

At Cygnet, we realize the importance of the after-sales strategy & provide perfect IT solutions to ensure customer engagement & retention.

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    Shipping Integration

    If you are a retailer that also provides home delivery, then shipping integration is a key business operation.

    At Cygnet, we design shipping integration software that enables you to choose the most cost-effective and timely courier/ delivery service, lets you and the end customer track the product’s location in real-time, and helps you to reduce the delivery turnaround time.

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    E-mailers & SMS

    In retail, conveying gratitude to the customer after the completion of a transaction is almost customary. Today’s tech savvy customers not only need to be thanked in person but also virtually through e-mail and SMS. This is also an excellent way to retain customers.

    At Cygnet, we enable your CRM & POS software to automatically send a thank you message to the customer as soon as the transaction is complete.

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Integrated Retail Solutions

The retail transaction is no longer limited to a stand-alone purchase. It is now an amalgamation of various processes into one seamless experience. Cygnet provides Retail Solutions that combines diverse business activities to establish a perfect harmony between multiple systems and processes across the organization. This helps you to provide a flawless retail shopping experience to the customers.

Integrated Retail Solutions

Today, customers interact with retail companies via multiple channels such as Company’s Website, Mobile App, eCommerce Website, Social Media and Store Visit, to arrive at a buying decision. Omnichannel Retailing integrates these touchpoints into one seamless retail shopping experience such that the consumers experience uniformity across all the touchpoints.

Cygnet's Omnichannel Retail Solutions would ensure synergy among all the channels, data, processes and systems to give customer a personalized brand specific experience. It would help you to analyze individual customer’s behavior, preference and buying pattern, and accordingly propose personalized offerings in real time, thus helping you attract a bigger share of the customer’s wallet.


Actual Store Visit

Social Media

Online Retail Sites

Mobile App

Company Website


Merchandising essentially includes 3 things – The Product, its Price and the Product Assortment or Arrangement being offered at the retail space (physical as well as virtual). These three things hold paramount importance when a customer interacts with your business.

Cygnet’s Merchandising Solution acts as an integrated platform that establishes a synchronization between Product Management, Information Management, Financial/ Price Planning & Management, Space Planning and Promotion Management to help you provide the best offerings to the customer at the most competitive prices. It uses refined Data Mining & Analytics tools to carefully analyze and interpret the master data containing comprehensive customer information that further guides you to define evidence-based business strategies.

Product Management

Information Management

Financial Planning & Management

Space Planning

Promotion Management

Retail Merchandising


A robust inventory management system ensures smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods in and out of the supply chain. It controls inventory effectively to minimize waste and reduce the cost of managing inventory.

At Cygnet, we develop smart Inventory Management Solutions that track products throughout their lifecycle. It not only helps tracking the product once it is a finished good, but it also lets you be a part of the Product Development Process. It includes key aspects of Product Management as well. We are capable of developing inventory management solutions that have the following features

Vendor portals – For collaboration with vendors/suppliers during the product development stage, which would enable the following:

  • Define standards of material, color, texture, pattern, etc.

  • Suggest changes in the product prototype based on the customers’ preference analysis and buying behavior.

  • Define quality standards to be maintained in the product.

  • Real-time inventory visibility – To automatically notify suppliers of the items that need to be replenished soon, thus ensuring maintenance of optimum inventory levels and helping in avoiding out-of-stock or overstocking situations

  • Accurate demand forecast – For making accurate demand forecast based on accurate and timely inventory data

  • Real-time Stock availability – For providing real-time stock information to the end-customers, and also the availability of out-of-stock products in the near future

  • Real-time inventory tracking – To track inventory at all levels that helps determining and minimizing delivery turnaround time

A satisfied customer is the achievement of successful retail experience, Customer Relationship Management is the key to this success and we provide you with this key.

At Cygnet, we understand the importance of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention, the key drivers for implementing CRM, and provide you with the CRM Solutions that have customer at the core. Our customer centric solutions would be an assimilation of Customer Loyalty Programs, Marketing Campaign Management, Customer Care Support and Analysis, Interpretation & Implementation of Customer Data. The real-time connectivity across channels would help build stronger relationships, thus achieving Customer Satisfaction & Customer Retention.


Today, the retail shopping experience is largely data driven. Data obtained from multiple sources is monitored using data analytics tools to meaningfully interpret customer behavior, and project products and services of customers’ interest. This in turn, helps businesses to promote better customer experience, gain higher visibility and generate better ROI.

At Cygnet, Targeted Data Mining is used to analyze and interpret the data that helps you to make informed decisions for Pricing, Promotions, Assortment Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management. With the help of our solution you can:

  • Transform your raw business data into smart data

  • Analyze customer shopping behavior to collect actionable in-store data

  • Target potential customers at the right time and place, and drive more traffic to the store

  • Increase profit per customer with the help of statistically comparable sale and customer data

  • Make calculated investments where they matter the most, and focus on the campaigns that generate higher conversions

  • Discover loopholes in Supply Chain, and take actions in order to have an uninterrupted and effective supply chain

  • Use customer analysis to achieve higher rate of engagement and retention

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