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IT Assessment Services

An independent evaluation of your IT systems and services is necessary for determining the condition of your organizational processes along with its ability to rise with long-term development. Our IT assessment services help you in identifying problem areas and deploying solutions that enhance productivity and, subsequently, profitability.

Our evaluation techniques are aimed at:

  • Making you aware of technologies that have the capability to deliver a calculable ROI
  • Determining whether your existing technology are capable of standing up to the requirements of your organization and escalating security threats
  • Ensuring full utilization of your resources
  • Automating your manual processes for greater accuracy and speed
  • Identifying opportunities for increasing output and efficiency

Our IT assessment services follow a pre-defined methodology that consists of the following steps:

  • Definition: It is concerned with identifying the specific aims of the business evaluation.
  • As-is Modeling: It makes use of in-person interviews and discovery tools for accumulating data and developing a thorough understanding of present operations.
  • Benchmarking: At this stage, raw data is compiled and interpreted for analyzing and using them as a basis for measuring improvements of the proposed solution.
  • Analysis and Roadmap: It is concerned with identifying strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities.

Our IT assessment services end with providing you with an audience-specific and actionable report that suggests three stages of results in language suitable for technical managers, operational and executive teams.


An infrastructure evaluation is a detailed examination of the core software, hardware, application integration systems and ERP currently used in your enterprise. The data assembled is used for the purpose of building a comprehensive report detailing the information needed by stakeholders in addressing any identified weaknesses, making plans for anticipated changes or trends and realizing their stated objectives and priorities.

Our infrastructure assessment services focus on these areas:

  • Server hardware, configuration and software
  • Internet security
  • Recovery and backup
  • Network configuration and design
  • Antivirus software
  • Operating system software and desktop computers

We are also concerned with identifying gaps and providing suggestions for addressing and prioritizing the key issues or areas. An IT strategy roadmap can be created based on our assessment report so that funding can be obtained from business leaders to invest in critical technology.


We are proficient in every aspect of network design including firewalls, server platforms, storage environments, LAN infrastructure, related third-party hardware and applications and WAN design. As a result, we can easily design a network that smacks of high performance and utility from an internal as well as external perspective.

We have a team of professionals which analyzes your present infrastructure to identify your current as well as future needs. Accordingly, a network is designed and architected along with a thorough implementation and integration plan. The key benefits of our network design services are:

  • Designing and implementing a secure and efficient IT network
  • Integrating new technologies seamlessly with your existing infrastructure without increasing operating expenses
  • Identifying vulnerabilities as well as opportunities of the network
  • Streamlining your business operations

Information is the most valuable organizational asset which is highly prone to threats. The nature of the audit required for an organization depends on its security setup. Our security audit services offers you a system that can be trusted and relied upon. We implement and manage your security system with the help of Firewall, system monitoring and management, VPN, content and web filtering, log analysis and authentication, governance and email filtering.

Our system engineers indulge in risk assessment in which attacks similar to those made by intruders are created in order to identify possible loopholes. We also measure existing systems of security against a predetermined list of conditions in order to overcome possible security weaknesses. We are dedicated to providing you with honest, objective advice and an all-inclusive security audit. 

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