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Application UI Design

User interface (UI) design is specifically done to make a web page view friendly and interactive. Our application UI design is aimed at making this interaction easier, faster, and more fulfilling. It must be remembered that the ulterior objective of having a website or web page is generation of revenue. This is best achieved when your site is attractive and interactive. Our expertise extends to all forms of Internet enabled computational devices such as desktops, laptops, palmtops, and mobile handsets.

Our team of professionals creates UI designs that make interaction simple and offer a perfect balance between technical functionality and usability of a web page. It is also possible to modify operational and functional features as per the needs of end-users. This entire process is completed in well-defined steps for providing the most effective solution.

  • At the outset we try and understand your exact functional requirements. Thereafter, we list them out and make a comparative analysis with end-users' demands;
  • End-users' demand analysis is important in user interface application designing as they are the ultimate buyers of goods and services;
  • A detailed study of your existing IT setup is done next as this is integral to the development process;
  • Based on your requirements, customers' demands, and existing infrastructure we create prototypes which are subsequently tested;
  • On successful testing, the package is delivered and integrated to your website and web pages.

All these activities are carried out by expert professionals and web designers. Our designers are equally adept in creating 2D and 3D visuals for your site. An idea of your business objective and your expectations for an active website are vital aspects to work upon while creating UI design.

With the rising use of smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc., it is inevitable for every company to make their website device-size friendly. For this reason, Cygnet offers responsive web designing services to businesses that will reduce bounce rate from your website and will save you from loosing important customers by making it compatible with various devices. In responsive web design, our strategy involves targeting both desktop and mobile devices to make it accessible and save you time and money, making your business run on lucrative lines.

Simplicity and usefulness are the primary tenets of all our designs, particularly those of the interactive types. We always believe that a successful application UI design is meant for end-users, and must be made acceptable to them in every way. An effective user interface design would always be able to draw viewer traffic thereby enhancing the possibility of more business. The significance of a successful webpage lies in its easy operability and less interference from the host company. A direct one-to-one communication with least interference is always the objective of a user-friendly web page.

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