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The changing socioeconomic condition in the IT industry has compelled engagement models to be modified and altered accordingly. IT outsourcing was initially a step towards cost-cutting but now, it has developed into sophisticated and efficient services and solutions.

Our innovative engagement model said in assessing risk and mitigation to ensure healthy and beneficial outsourcing.

Before taking up a project, we take sufficient time to understand its needs, volatility and complexities. After analyzing these aspects, we suggest you a proper engagement model suitable for your business relations. We base our suggestions on your business model, manpower and technological risks and mitigate them by an apt deployment of our solutions.

Why Us?                                     

  • Our services are highly customized and flexible which, considerably reduce the project costs.
  • We let you choose an engagement model on the basis of cost and time considerations.
  • You get to enjoy the cost benefit in terms of infrastructure and resources.
  • We provide an engagement framework to suit your individual needs.


The engagement models offered by us include:

Fixed Time & Cost Estimates:

We offer this model to customers when the scope and specification of the project is clear and has defined needs and timelines. In this model we work with clients and determine their expected delivery which assures reliability and optimized on-budget outcomes.with mutually agreed price paid in regular milestones.

Time & Material:

When the specification and scope of the project is not determined and involves constant variations, we usually offer Time & Material model which allows clients to alter team size, project timelines and resources of the ongoing project as per market trends. Since projects tend to evolve during their development cycle necessitating additional or lesser resources, the project in this model is billed on hourly and monthly basis depending on the resource utilized in the project.

Offshore Development Center (ODC):

Under this, we provide you with a team of full-time employees in accordance with your particular requirements for developing an offshore center. Our centers work as an extension of your software business. And we strictly abide by your business objectives.

Hub & Spoke:

Under the Hub & Spoke model, Cygnet acts as a Hub - a central point of contact integrating various Spokes i.e. development centers and departments to deliver efficient and optimized solutions to clients spread across different places in different verticals. Through this model, we ensure client's project is decentralized at effective places and divided among various spokes to engender quick turnaround, lesser time and cost spending and better responsibility.

Our engagement models, thus, offer a consultative attitude, transparency, effective knowledge transferring, flexibility and strict administrative framework which are sure to benefit your outsourcing engagements.

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