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Graphics Tools

In the present technical world, when the businesses are gaining most of their benefits through online sales, promotion and advertisement, it becomes necessary to introduce meaningful graphics that can positively express your business motives and can work in favor of profit generation. Cygnet Infotech, a remarkable name in the IT industry offers extremely resourcefulgraphic design services. We, with the help of certain graphics tools implement business-oriented graphics and make the web page relevant to its main purpose.

Here, we are presenting the list of main graphic tools that we use while developing graphics:

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is a web development toolkit specially designed to lead the website up in the search-engine ranking and to make the website fast accessible. Bootstrap has three main base languages namely, HTML, CSS and Java. It also offer a number of attributes for design, including - navigation elements, grids, tables, built-in forms and buttons.


Using Parallax, a site can be made more effective and interesting in look. Parallax helps in giving a moving vision to the site. Using this tool, designer can introduce more than one background on the main web page. The background or particular image on which you have applied parallax technology will keep on scrolling after every short interval.


Photoshop plays an important role in graphic building as none of the image can look perfect without being edited. In addition, using Photoshop you can modify an image according to the desire and requirement. Thus, it is considered as one of the most important graphics tools.


CorelDraw is also a good image editing software. We at Cygnet, use the latest version of Corel i.e. X16 for better and effective edition as well as modification of the images.


Illustrator is basically known as Adobe Illustrator, which was introduced by Apple Macintosh.  It is one of the leading graphic editors available in the web world as its features are quite user-friendly and supportive. Adobe has featured many effective elements in its sixteen generation illustrator i.e. CS6 and it will positively help the users for more effectual image edition.


Dreamweaver by Adobe is highly user-supported software, which helps the consumers in building effective websites. It offers several dynamic features that are helpful in generation of bulk and highly responsive website or web application.


It is a smart vector graphics editor developed by Adobe. It positively helps the web designers in the quick generation of prototypes and web interfaces. A graphic designer can easily add hotspots andslicesusing Fireworks.  It can be easily integrated with Dreamweaver and Flash to obtain better results.

Our web designing team forms a perfect combination of the above given tools and integrate it with the requirement of the clients and their business objectives and comes up with perfect website or web application which effectively attracts the targeted audience towards it. 

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