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Service oriented architecture (SOA) helps in aligning your business with IT services. SOA and Web services work in tandem towards reducing operational costs, accelerating implementations and effectively managing complexities. A judicious combination of new technologies and traditional tools assists in adopting a system that takes care of all complexities while strengthening underlying computational infrastructure.

While adopting SOA, the necessity for software development stays unaltered either in way of offering protection for existing programs or in way of new applications. In such combinations it is important to identify a trade-off point that allows an effective combination of both existing and new processes. We through our web and SOA services enable effective utilization of IT resources for generating maximum profitability. It is also possible to determine the exact production volume and resource utilization ratio that offers desired level of profitability.

We work in close association with our clients to offer 'service oriented architecture' that aims at:

  • Building, designing, and testing modular service constituents for engagement;
  • Developing specifications and requirements of different service components;
  • Integrating and testing new service constituents to an already existing IT infrastructure.

Service components under SOA are designed so as to standardize, optimize, and simplify applications so that they are measurable to a certain degree of predictability and quality. We also attempt to introduce re-usability of applications under cases of upgrading of IT infrastructure.

Before delivery of SOA packages we always carry out:

  • Requirement analysis - This is done to examine both non-functional and functional components of a particular application. Stress is put on behavioral and interfacing aspects of service components;
  • Designing - This incorporates designed documents to the existing system and provides details of their functionalities;
  • Integration and Testing - This is an inseparable part of testing the acceptability of a developed SOA to an existing IT environment. This is a rigorous process and involves all components;
  • Unit and Code testing - This is done for ensuring the proper functioning of each and every constituent.

We develop high quality SOA and Web services to provide an efficient service-dependent architecture for better co-ordination and management of your infrastructure.

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