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Software Development

In this present generation of computing and satellite communication, effective software development has become a form of expression for companies big and small. Software development aimed at operational accuracy and faster execution of tasks determines the worth of a company and its approach towards customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction being the ultimate objective of businesses and processes is always the primary focus of producers of goods and services.

Software development encompasses technologies and industries pertaining to different sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunications, mining and extraction, education, banking and finance, social services, and retail. The scope even extends to administrative setups and government departments. It requires expertise and experience to develop software for each of these sectors exclusively. With further categorization within a sector, the level of specialization and innovation gets multiplied.

We, as a specialized software development company, take customer interests as our prime considerations to create perfect projects. We explore customer needs and expectations meticulously and thereafter offer structured solutions to even the most intricate problems. While creating a software solution we follow a definite pattern of working which not only makes our task simple but also helps our clients to understand our approach comprehensively. Considerations, implementation and execution form the base of all our development projects.


It is important for us to understand the exact objective of any project undertaken. For this it is essential to understand your business thoroughly with stakeholders' interests. Development of a project involves the deployment of internal resources as well as engaging outsourced knowledge and expertise. Understanding this mix is vital before taking up any project.


Planning follows pre-requisites. In this stage we assemble our project team with adequate knowledge and experience. This is crucial as each assignment is distinctive and needs special treatment. In case outsourced resources are needed they are entirely customized to the needs of the project. For on-site portion the entire plan is divided into smaller parts with each part treated strategically. Effective communication channels are established to ensure seamless implementation. At every step of implementation reviews of deliverables is done and areas of improvement identified.


This constitutes the final part of our software development process. We draw up the entire architecture complete with system design and technical approach. Documentation for each user is created with detailed system and functional requirements. The entire system is broken down into several components each with its own design and specifications. The entire plan is tested before integrated into your system.

We specialize in:

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • SOA & Web Services Development

Cygnet offers round the clock services and support for your software development requirement that ensures stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system and helps you meet your specific business goal.

Right from developing customized software to, developing business and industry specific tools, we provide cutting-edge technology solution across the globe that helps you in:

  • Developing and marketing products and services efficiently
  • Reducing administrative expenses and maintenance costs
  • Providing better services and convenience to customers, partners as well as employees
  • Achieving higher ROI

By blending exceptional technology and innovative minds, Cygnet delivers customized software development services that offer competitive shift to your business catering your specific requirement.

Get in touch with us for your diverse software development needs.

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