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Software Maintenance

Maintenance of software and applications is a crucial task for companies. It accounts for over 60% of all development efforts and approximately 70% of the software costs when it comes to maintenance of existing as well as software under development cycle. In spite of all these issues and expenses, effective software maintenance is necessary to enrich and expand working of software products and avail complete benefits of their functions.It not only helps in maintaining competitive edge and acquire customer satisfaction, but also generates revenue by declining operational costs.

As a part of assisting complete software development Lifecycle, Cygnet Infotech provides effective software maintenance and upgrade services to help you release from troubles of software malfunctioning and boost its features to expand life of these softwares. Cygnet's dedicated team works seamlessly to keep track of the updations and reconstructions required in your software in terms of - technology, features, business requirements and price ranges and delivers quality solution to enhance working of your software products. Cygnet augments functioning of software products by providing software maintenance services in following areas

Bug Fixing-Tracking-Reporting

As a part of Software Maintenance, Cygnet offers bug tracking and issue fixing solutions to elongate your software and applications and improve their working. Our professionals make your bug tracking job personalized, easy and painless so that your team can focus on developing rich softwares without any hassles.

Our Bug Fixing-Tracking and Reporting service work in synergy with troubleshooting, continuing maintenance support, fixing program crashes and managing the source code integration of fixes with different releases; which impart huge benefits to clients. We have flexible and customized project management and reporting tools that are highly efficient to track bugs ina single application as well as multiple software products providing you with maximum control over the performance of your software product.

Upgrades and Releases

Cygnet Infotech provides software upgrades and release services to ensure your software and applications are stable, robust, and backwardly compatible to support your business from time to time. We boast of our new technologies and business models to provide complete solutions for upgrading your softwares with minimal disruption to your existing installations.

Our software upgrades and release services contain significant product and functionality enhancement leveraging latest tools to help you realize the full potential of your software and applications. We work closely with you to carefully plan and implement tailored upgrades for your software products following a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs.

New Features Development

Evolving technology necessitates the need for superior solutions, enhanced products, and improved features for withstanding competition and changing market trends and to help companies keep pace with such dynamics, Cygnet provides new features development services.We bring years of experience to understand the current state and needs of your software products to scale up their performance and usability by affixing new features into it. We have a team of experienced professionals who develop latest features and functions to help you re-use your software and applications while offering consulting on market demands, business dynamics and client needs.

Our new feature development covers following practices

  • Product performance & usability engineering
  • Interoperability
  • Minor enhancement through new feature
  • Major enhancement with multi features
  • Migrating to a new platform


Technical Support

With Software maintenance services, we provide technical support services to assist you in supporting your business processes and maximizing your investment in software applications. We have a mission translated into a top-notch system that goes extra mile to serve our customer's software support requirements.

Cygnet's technical support and maintenance system provides

  • Direct access to experienced support professionals
  • Personalized services from knowledgeable, trusted and familiar support specialist
  • Flexible service options with telephone and e-mail support
  • Time and apt problem resolution


Equipped with high performance standards and unfaltering focus, our software support professionals respond swiftly to your needs and help you attain success in your business. Whether it is day-to-day operations support, or an application maintenance requirement, we provide high-quality support each time you call on us.

At Cygnet, we believe in following sophisticated software maintenance methodology with well-defined processes and therefore we adhere to strict Service Level Agreements and disciplined approach. With these, we ensure efficient and high quality software upgrades and maintenance services which deliver significant benefits to clients in terms of

  • Regained control over a multifarious portfolio of internal products and solutions
  • Improved software quality and application permanence
  • Decreased maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Assured customer satisfaction


Whether you are an Independent Software Vendor or an end user, Cygnet Infotech will assist you in streamlining and upgrading your systems and application addressing critical patches. Award software maintenance contract to Cygnet or hire our software maintenance engineer and we will make sure you get the most out of your software products.

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