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Enterprise Application Integration

"The Art of Integration is to go forward in the process with patience, focus and flexibility."

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a new bent embraced by Cygnet Infotech with new methods, standards and practices. We help develop vigorous strategies for Enterprise Application Integration to our clients along with successful rollout of integration flows or interfaces. Integration of few applications or inlarge numbers, Cygnet carries out this integration for its clients to help them accomplish their business goals.

The Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration include:

  • Minimizing risk of Over-cost and Untimely Work
  • Better Performance of Software Processes
  • Mitigation of Work Overloads
  • Application Conforming Business Objectives
  • Enhanced Quality Potency

Enterprise Application Integration has become the new networking platform that reduces the inconveniences by integrating multiple applications. At the beginning we identify our clients needs and define the EAI team for the project. Various business models are designed suitable for customer requirements by our team.

Furthermore, we also implement the integration in the right manner in consideration to your overall technical architecture. We extend guidance and support to our clients even after the integration gets completed to keep their business agile and far reaching.

A strategic IT infrastructure together with integrated applications is the key to deliver a non parallel performance at reasonable price. Our EAI Services include:

For the past 12 years, Cygnet has been consistent in practicing business ethics and has remained committed in delivering service and quality to their clients. Though EAI requires careful decisions to implement, the benefits accruing for you will exceed the time, money, initial investment made at the beginning. We allow our clients to make choice of the technical talents they require to make the integration of application possible for their enterprise.

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