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Java Tools

We offer diverse solutions related to Java. Our team is adept at dealing with the various issues related to Java including its tools.

Java tools can be categorized into the following:

Deployment tools

  • pack200:  It involves the transformation of a JAR file into a compact pack 200 file with the help of Java gzip compressor. These files are extremely compact JARs which can be deployed directly thereby lessening download time and saving bandwidth.
  • Unpack200: This involves the transformation of a pack200-produced packed file into a JAR file.


Plug-in tools

  • Htmlconverter: This converts HTML pages containing applets for Java Plug-in into the EMBED/OBJECT tag format.


Web start tools

  • Javaws: It is a command line tool used for Java Web Start launching and for the setting of various other options. 



  • Tnameserv: It facilitates access and admission to the naming service. It has an implementation on COS Naming Service specification.
  • Idlj: It generates files which map on the interface of OMG IDL and allows an application that is written in the concerned programming language to make use of CORBA functionality.
  • Orbd:  It helps clients clearly invoke and locate constant objects on servers in the CORBA environment. It is often used in place of Transient Naming Service. It has both Transient and Persistent Naming service. This tool integrates the functionality of an Interoperable Naming Service, a Server Manager and a Bootstrap Name Server. When it is used along with servertool, a server can be located, registered and activated by the Server Manager when a client demands to access it.
  • Servertool: It offers a user-friendly interface so that a server can be easily registered, unregistered, started and shut down by the application programmers.

If you are looking for solutions regarding Java tools, we are the best people to come to.


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