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Java Web Services Development

Java Web Services is free software used for the purpose of developing web services and applications with the latest technologies for Java.

It can be developed on multiple open source and web services stacks, each with different potentialities and capabilities. JAX-WS 2.x standard is implemented by the stacks for service configurations. But, there are major differences in the manner in which the solutions are used and configurations are done in the JAX-WS implementations. The dissimilarities can be even greater when security issues are involved. Such solutions offer additional features like Spring Support, data binding technologies and scripting language support.


Web -Services -Architecture


We have been working on web services development for years and hence have gathered a wide range of experience in a good number of stacks. Our solutions help you choose the best stack suitable for your requirements. We also make it a point to take care of any issues you might encounter with such development.

Java APIs

  • API for Extensible Markup Language Processing: Also known as JAXP, it offers the capability of validating and analyzing XML documents.
  • API for Extensible Markup Language Registries: Also known as JAXR, it is often used for accessing and interacting with various types of XML-based metadata registries.
  • Architecture for XML Binding: Also known as JAXB, it enables developers to map Java classes to XML representations. It enables storing and retrieving of data in the memory in any XML format.
  • API for Extensible Markup Language-based RPC: Also known as JAX-RPC, it enables a Java application to invoke a Java-based service with a familiar description while being consistent with its WSDL description.
  • API for XML Web Services: Also known as JAX-WS, it is a programming language API for developing web services.
  • SOAP with Attachments API: Also known as SAAJ, it offers a standard way of sending Extensible Markup Language documents over the web from the platform of Java.

Implementations of Web Services

  • Apache Axis: It is an open source service based on Extensible Markup Language. It consists of C++ and Java of the SOAP server.
  • Apache Axis2: It is a core engine for web services. It is a total redesign of the former framework.
  • Apache CXF: It is an open source, complete web services framework.

RESTful Web Services

The Representational State Transfer (REST) style has become the de-facto standard for developing web services. Our team is well equipped to develop web services using the RESTful architecture for delivering scalable interactions, general interface design, and component deployment. 


Hire our Java web services development solutions and we will surely make you succeed in your desired objectives much quickly.

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