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Learning Management Solutions 

Education has always been instrumental in propelling the intellectual growth and development of generations. This has led to the cropping up of various educational fields as well as learners. E-learning is today a new rage in the field of education. It is a form of studying through the internet which enables one to learn anytime and anywhere. And Cygnet'sLMS solutionshelp educational institutions offer more integrated study programs to its students and pupils.

Here, students decide what to learn and how to learn as well as when to access the required information. They can also choose content and tools as per their requirements, interests and abilities. It thus serves as a great way of delivering education effectively.

It has been seen that LMS provides better quality education and training when compared to classroom teaching. It involves self-paced learning, interactive and multimedia products as well as progress and achievement monitoring. Moreover, online access also renders cost effectiveness.  LMS has thus become increasingly popular with educational institutions as well as students. And e-Learning service providers like us are helping the institutions create an integrated online platform for managing and delivering educational content.

We design and develop portals for providing education-related content. We develop customized tutorial that can be accessed through internet via LMS. We offer LMS using technologies like Microsoft.Net, SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, C#, as well as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) formatting and 3 tiered designs.

Our extensive knowledge in developing instructional designs and systems, multimedia-integrated graphics and contents ensure that you get an interactive study program.

Our services include:

  • We offer customized and deployed content in LMS portal with pre-determined formats designed in order to meet the varying studying styles and required formats.
  • Our services ensure an improved infrastructure and design which results in effective education and training.
  • We enrich the experience of studying by introducing advanced multimedia techniques which help learners in visualizing the concepts.
  • We code, script and develop software features to integrate various branches of the administration and content.
  • We create interactive study activities which allow the students to utilize the study material rather than just viewing it or listening to it.
  • We offer a comprehensive learning process which includes tests, virtual reading etc.
  • We provide security and support platforms for better management and improved execution of the learning program.

Our LMS solutions thus ensure you a hi-tech learning management system that offers customized e-learning solutions which contributes in enhancing the learning process.

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