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m1 Order is an enterprise ordering solution. It comprises of trendy smartphone apps for placing orders supported by back-end order management systems. m1 order can be used by retailers, manufacturers, restaurants and enterprises in varied industries.

m1 Order App

With smartphone apps becoming trend-setters, many organizations are impulsively but surely taking steps to make their own ordering apps. m1 Order app is specifically designed for smartphone users to place orders.

While e-commerce is an established medium, a growing number of smartphone users find it far more convenient to transact with their hand-held devices.

With m1 order app, smartphone users can place orders for goods and services from all merchants or retailers who have subscribed to m1 ordering systems. m1 order app is ideal for ordering home delivery from restaurants, retail chains, and newspaper or catalog advertisers.

m1 order app is also perfectly suited for B2B ordering through the supply chain involving wholesalers and distributors.

m1 order app is available for

  • Android
  • iPhone

m1 Order Management System

m1 order app is supported with a ready to use order management back-end. Merchants or Organizations who subscribe to the m1 order service, get a web-based order dashboard to receive orders placed by their customers. Order notifications can also be configured to be received on email. Orders can also be viewed on tablet computers like iPad or Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or Microsoft Surface.

The m1 order management system offers integration points with other enterprise systems that make it easier for organizations to adopt m1-order. Such systems include

  • Payment gateways
  • ERP systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Point of Sale systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • CRM solutions
  • Banking systems
  • Courier and Transportation systems
  • Social Media

Following m1-Order Ordering solutions are ready to use

  • Restaurant ordering
  • B2B product ordering
  • Retail orders

To see a demo or to discuss the implementation for your business, write to

m1-order for your Smartphone

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