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Business Continuity Services

Your business is vulnerable to a wide array of threats ranging from natural disasters to power outages, which can cause disruption of business operations. However, in today's competitive environment, even a few minutes of downtime can prove to be fatal. In fact, industry analysts opine that companies suffering major outages can eventually fail to survive in this competitive market. Our business continuity services are aimed at preventing downtime cost-effectively thereby helping your business maintain security, recover faster and boost reliability.

We make use of our data networking solutions to protect your network with advanced and intelligent routing protocols and redundant hardware. We are capable of protecting diverse IT environments no matter how complex they are such as cloud and traditional IT, mainframe and mid range, workplace and data center, applications and infrastructure and numerous sourcing models. Our business continuity services help in not only improving recovery times but also maintaining the flexibility and agility of your continuity solution so that any change in your existing IT environment, business processes and people can be supported easily.

The two primary aspects of our services are:

Disaster Recovery

With crucial financial data, trade secrets and critical applications, your business is highly reliant on the safety and security of its data. If that is jeopardized, it can spell doom for your company. Our disaster recovery services make sure your enterprise is not adversely affected by any disaster. We are skilled at minimizing their impact. Our high-tech data centers are built in such a manner so as to keep your mission-critical data and business applications safe and secure. We ensure their protection even when there is disruption in network operations.

Our Disaster Recovery Services involve:

  • Planning as well as implementing effective backup strategies
  • Backing as well as restoring databases which can be done online with the help of remote connections
  • Performing gradual backup and restore operations
  • Data recovery and mitigation
  • High Availability

Conventional application-level clustering solutions are usually difficult to implement, hard to manage and excessively costly. In contrast, our services facilitate a seamless increase in your applications' availability, particularly at the baseline level. They also ensure compliance with service level agreements as a result of which you can rapidly recover from outages, reduce planned downtime and avoid unplanned downtime. We also help in:

  • Eliminating planned downtime especially for common operations related to maintenance
  • Providing higher availability irrespective of operating system, applications and hardware
  • Recovering from server failures quickly due to automatic virtual machine restarts
  • Ensuring the incessant availability in spite of server failures

High availability ensures automated and cost-effective restart within minutes for any application in the event of operating system or hardware failures.

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