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Biztalk Server

BizTalk server is the most important platform of Microsoft for Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It also substantiates the working of Web services technologies and XML. It works as a process execution engine and transports documents and messages.

Its greatest benefits are:

  • Managing messages
  • Management
  • Monitoring business activity
  • RFID Platform
  • Business to business integration
  • Business rule patterning

Cygnet Infotech offers convenient BizTalk consulting solutions that improve your business communications remarkably. Various applications and systems are consolidated with one centrally managed, loosely coupled, reusable layer so that overarching capability is achieved. This allows you to dispense with point-to-point communication processes.

BizTalk's rich adapters, enterprise service buses, AppFabric, communication protocols and connections through cloud based solutions lead to rapid functioning of your business in keeping with industry standards and cloud infrastructures.

In order to make the most of BizTalk Server, it is necessary to achieve maximum benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the working of business processes and that is facilitated by us.

We are a professional BizTalk service provider which makes sure your BizTalk implementation goes on without any disruption. We connect several applications with several platforms in as well as out of the organization. We contribute in managing the business processes and exchange data. Our efficient consultants experienced in business integration, automation as well as evaluating infrastructure and installations offer you a wide range of services.

The services offered by our professional consultants are:

  • Using inbuilt queries for managing messages, pipelines, ports and orchestration
  • Improving BizTalk Server business to business and system to system applications
  • Attaching as well as debugging orchestrations
  • Suggesting other BizTalk Server components like RFID, BAM and BRE
  • Analyzing and optimizing performance
  • Implementing an ESB architecture like ESB Toolkit 2.0
  • Development of adapter and custom port
  • Re-routing primarily message based
  • Providing corporate solutions to finance companies
  • Improved services in monitoring and training in classroom.
  • Error handling
  • Developing and publishing policies
  • 24 hours emergency support

Our efficient services can benefit your enterprise in the following ways:

  • Simplified, processed, centralized and protected data
  • Automated processes
  • Better monitoring of business activities
  • Better Management
  • Reduced redundancy
  • Serialization and prevention of data loss

Cygnet ensures you the highest levels of quality, flexibility and value for your BizTalk investment. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with your projects, make the right decisions, and fix the issues affecting your Microsoft  BizTalk Server solution quickly and affordably.

Contact us now for your Biztalk Server requirements.

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