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Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is an Information Technology service initiated by Microsoft in which computing hardware and software resources are delivered over the internet, not through a direct connection to a server but with the help of web-based tools and applications. However, the information can be accessed only when an electrical device is connected to the web. This allows people to work remotely i.e. they do not have to be in a specific place to have access to it. Your business thus saves on the expenses of information management. It also allows faster software upgrade.

We can aid you in managing and developing Cloud Solutions hosted in private, public as well as hybrid cloud environments with the help of our easy Cloud Computing services. Our solutions are planned to offer an optimum level of security to your company so that your data and infrastructure is protected from unauthorized access. It thus enables better storage of critical information of your company sans the usual hassles that configuration and scalability generally involves.

We offer cloud computing application services to large as well as small organizations. Our approach, which includes people, process, architecture and technology, allows your company to experience a smooth cloud journey. You will be getting high-quality services from our dedicated team of professional consultants.


  • Making your business ascendable and agile: Better and faster deployment and availability helps employees in efficiently managing workloads and requirements.
  • Lower your expenses:  There will be no need of investing large amounts in infrastructure. Hence, you will be getting services without spending much.
  • Access to enterprise-class software: You will be getting access to enterprise-class software that wasn't previously accessible.
  • Concentration on strategic initiatives: As your expenses will be much lower, you will get to devote your entire concentration on strategic initiatives.

Our Cloud Computing Services:

  • Identifying the best form of cloud computing for your business
  • Designing a migration strategy to meet your cloud implementation goals and upgrade your IT administration in general
  • Optimizing application programs to attain cloud-optimized, ready, native and such-enabled potentialities
  • Analyzing application portfolio for identifying and prioritizing "cloud ready" workload and applications
  • Ensuring improved security and control for better monitoring of private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Analyzing IT service delivery, focusing on change configuration and SLA management
  • Facilitating IT operational and architectural framework for cloud computing
  • Offering consultation with the basic aim of client growth

Our services will thus:

  • Upgrade operational process of your organization.
  • Eliminate the common hassles involved in cloud adoption.
  • Lower the expenses of your organization.

Before you select a cloud computing option, it's very important to evaluate your existing environment. Allow Cygnet's professional services help you determine which cloud computing solution best serves your business need in terms of security, scalability, flexibility and more from its available cloud solutions which comprise Office365-solutions, Windows-Azure-solutions and SQL-azure-solutions.

Contact us now for your cloud computing requirements and we will make sure your cloud computing applications are up and running within weeks saving you dollars.

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