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Microsoft CMS Solutions

A good content management system allows your employees to update your applications and website more efficiently which, in turn, allows you to keep up with the ever-changing business scenario. Our CMS consulting team has the experience and technical knowledge to get you the most effective CMS tools best suited to your company's aims and strategies.

Our approach varies according to size, resources, preferences and the timeline of the clients. Our service begins with an evaluation of your organization. In order to create an appropriate and cost effective approach for you, we try to understand your current position and your desired end.

We offer a wide range of content management solutions. Our team works with the latest tools and technologies to make sure you get the necessary support. We understand that the correct CMS software is capable of creating an environment of information sharing and collaboration while an incorrect implementation can create unnecessary obstacles and hamper productivity. We, thus, assess your present infrastructure and aid you in managing your content that pushes your business forward.

Our team of consultants uses CMS as a vital part of their plan with the objective to promote better coordinated sharing of information. We plan your CMS software according to your unique needs.

Our services include:

  • Creating a framework which aims at the growth of your website
  • Doing complete research and developing a content that you need
  • Securing your content so that no outsider can access it
  • Customized services for better functionality
  • Working with Sharepoint Portal Services
  • Effective migration of content for better management and adoption strategies
  • Content management for enterprises
  • Working with the components for e-commerce
  • Solutions for document management
  • Language and cultural modules
  • Managing web content
  • A good collection of extensions to Microsoft CMS
  • Creating a user friendly interface
  • Evaluating the content of your site and accordingly planning a structure so that the right person gets the right content
  • Giving professional guidance about when and how to publish your site, keeping in mind your requirements.


  • Simplified process of content sharing
  • Effective external and internal communication
  • Easily accessed file systems
  • A united structure for information storage

With our CMS solutions which comprise Sitefinity, DotNetNuke and Umbraco, we cater to your complete content management needs and eliminate mundane tasks such as how to name a file,  where to store the content leaving you free to focus on important issues.

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