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Microsoft SharePoint Customization

SharePoint, a Microsoft product, is a browser-based content management system. It provides organizations with a centralized document sharing space, where documents can be downloaded, stored, edited and then uploaded for being shared among employees. It can be configured to be operated on Intranet and Extranet. We offerSharePoint Customization servicesto companies looking forward to implement its services.

SharePoint's full potential can be unleashed with its Web Parts. It helps automate everyday tasks and it can also take care of all your business requirements without spending huge amounts on custom coding. We, being a Certified Microsoft Partner, with Gold competency in Portals and Collaboration and Silver competency in Content Management, help you build applications that can easily be backed, maintained and improved which ensures long-term effect and better productivity.

SharePoint's workflow utilizes business process documents and items in SharePoint for collaborating on documents and handling project tasks. Under this, documents and items move in an automated manner through successive business-related tasks and actions. It can be of great help to business corporations by enabling them to adhere to business processes. It ultimately aims at improving your productivity and efficiency by organizing the steps and tasks involved in the business processes. This allows employees to focus fully on projects rather than taking care of workflows. As a result, both time and expenses are saved.

SharePoint branding helps in creating a brand identity of your organization. It is used to enhance the "look and feel" of a website. The changes can range from minor issues like theme or site logo to major ones like incorporating master pages and custom styles for altering the user experience. We work closely with you to create an impressive visual design for your SharePoint projects.

User authentication is proof of a user's identity against a provider of authentication. A user's credentials are usually contained in a directory or database which confirms whether the user has submitted them correctly. Active Directory Domain Services is an authentication provider.  It can either be server-to-server authentication or app authentication in SharePoint 2013.  The former enables servers, capable of server-to-server authentication, to request and access resources from each other on behalf of users. The latter, on the other hand, involves validation of an external application for SharePoint's authorization and identity of both application and a related user when the application requests access to a secured resource in SharePoint.

All our SharePoint customization services help your company function better and have an integrated and collaborated work environment.

Contact us nowto discuss your Microsoft SharePoint Customization requirements .

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