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SharePoint Reports & Dashboards Development

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and document management platform based on browsers. It enables groups in an organization to set up a centralized and password protected space for sharing documents. This intranet, thus, boosts your company's efficiency by proper management of information. We offerSharePoint reports & dashboards development services which help in enhancing your business procedures.

We, being a Microsoft certified partner having Gold competency in Portals and Collaboration and Silver competency in Content Management, hire consultants having vast experience in using SharePoint as a delivery platform for collecting and distributing business-significant data. The newest development in SharePoint has made it possible for us to develop advanced business intelligence solutions for you. We help you by enhancing the efficiency of your corporate websites which allow your staff to see, analyze and share data in a much more effective way. This, in turn, helps them to make decisions on the basis of correct information.

We cater to you by developing intelligent dashboards that are capable of collecting and displaying critical corporate information like key performance indicators from various sources such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel spreadsheets or other external databases.

We develop rich and interactive applications for your organization. We use data-bound spreadsheets which include tables, charts etc. as part of a dashboard or portal. These spreadsheets are used to maintain and share a unified and centralized version of data while protecting information in the original documents. Excel can be used by you for publishing information to the server; your staff will be able to view it even if they do not have Excel installed on their computers.

We make the best possible use of the efficiency ensured by SQL Server Reporting Services for extracting information from your SQL server and showing it in the form of the data grid, drill down, charts, matrix, graph etc. We deliver the reports through MS SharePoint and thus help you by integrating your reporting platform with the rest of your business substructure.

Our reporting and dashboard tools work only with the original Microsoft process and APIs. Our customized SharePoint reports & dashboard development solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

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