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Microsoft Silverlight Development

Microsoft Silverlight is a platform for user interactive experiences in developing web, mobile and desktop applications. It is powered by .NET framework and is in simpatico with multiple browsers, operating systems and devices. It is a brand new development in the field of interaction in the web world and we can help you leverage its unlimited possibilities with the help of our cost-effective Microsoft Silverlight services.

It serves the purposes of Adobe Flash, graphics, animation, multimedia and interactivity thereby bringing sound video quality and better graphics in websites.

Features of Silverlight Web Development:

  • It allows fast video and audio streaming
  • Includes the latest features of animation like elasticity and bounce
  • Richer graphics due to better user interface libraries
  • Better control text animation
  • Better pixel shade effects resulting in high resolution images
  • Better web application due to improved zoom facility which enables developers to evaluate the data more closely

Our services in Microsoft Silverlight Development are:

  • Rich internet application development
  • Development of application in ASP.NET
  • Development of XAML
  • Developing application out of the browser
  • Enhancing XML
  • Customization, implementation and development of plug-ins
  • Enhancing and maintaining the existing applications

Advantages of Microsoft Silverlight :

  • Experiencing high quality videos: You will get to see best quality videos in improved graphical websites.
  • Convenience: It will let developers concentrate solely on the back end of an application core and leave the visuals to be taken care of by graphic designers.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It is the most economic way of streaming best quality videos on the World Wide Web. Getting a license is not at all a hassle; you just need to have IIS in Windows Server.
  • Cross browser, cross platform: It enables you to build web applications that can function on any browser and operating system.
  • It is supportive to 3rd party languages: The new Dynamic Language Runtime will enable the developers to use Python Ruby, EcmaScript etc.
  • Remote debugging of cross-browser: An application running on Mac can be debugged now. It will let you have immediate windows, set breakpoints, step over or into code as well as enjoy the other features of Visual Studio.
  • Great speed: AJAX enabled websites that use Silverlight are way faster.
  • Mashup advantage: The rich media content can now be controlled by the content developers themselves. It makes it possible to have new broadcast stations and stream television. 

Contact us if you need to outsource Silverlight Application Development or want to hire a dedicated Silverlight developer or programmer or need any consultation.

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